To My Muse

My muse becomes my poem
My poem becomes love-
A rainbow hugging the sky..

In the silence in my mind--
The poetry of your voice
Stirring the fire within.

I walk towards you
Holding the shape of my words-
My breath opens with your name.

The sound of syllables falling
In my heart and on my lips;
Even the things
I cannot say
Breathing into love..

Just Can’t Fight It

When I close my eyes, I see your face
In the starlit night, only dreams I chase.

I feel the tears run down my cheeks
Down to where my poetry speaks.

I say your name in the silent night
Like a poetic rhyme that I hold tight.

I walk a tightrope in this hourglass of time
This overwhelming feeling is so divine.

I succumb to this love and let my soul glow
I feel on  course and can't say no.

To pour out this love is like healing,
In poetry and love, I feel the freeing.


A bird flew over the cuckoo's nest
Nursing a little one at her breast.

The bird saw clouds gamble with the morning sun
Then the rain coughed up some codeine fun.

A murmuration flew into the pouring rain
Hitch hiking into an aeroplane.

Flying west without any rest
Getting wet in their best dressed.

Cloudy, dowdy, summer storm
In the lightening, a mushroom form.

Cactus seed, cactus thorn
Out of the thorn, a rose is born.

In a garden full of thistledown
Flowers wearing their scented gown.

Yzaguirre, fire, electroshock
A tub-room with a padlock.

A psychedelic moment in the booby hatch
Birds perched into a bird'-watch.

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Along Came A Spider

Along came a spider
An eight legged rider.

In her web, I espied a fly
Other insects came to say goodbye.

The spider's sting operation
Causing pain sensation.

Spidey's silken seduction
Makes no cause for affection.

An intrepid with her labyrinth
Her stealth is her fingerprint.

She never trips in her net
Her web is her bayonet.

She walks and stalks a silky trail
Rigging a web to catch the frail.

Spiders are seen and never heard
They wield a most unlikely sword.

Perfecting Poetry

Blood moon:
Guides the wisdom in her heart

Silvered by stars
Tasting the fragrance of it
Dancing because
She wasn't born to walk mute...

Tugging at her heart-strings
The beat of words
Awakening heartbeat--

In the moonlight
She weaves verses
To walk the cosmos
The distance becomes words
Sweeping her off her feet..

Warmed by the 
Gentle touch of a smile;
It becomes the sum of all her senses..

Perfecting her poetry::
Keeping her awake as she dreams in her sleep..

Razzberry Rhinoceros

There once lived a Razzberry Rhinoceros
Who lost his raspberries and became dolorous
He went to the jungle to find some
He came away, dissapointed, glum
The French 75 made him frivolous.
He rode into the sea on a Jager Bomb
A Dark &Stormy cocktail settled his nerves, made him calm
When he sighted his Old Maid By the shore
He could not take it no more
He stuck out his middle finger from his palm.

Please dont make sense out of this limerick.Limericks are not supposed to make sense anyway .
A few days ago i went to a place called The Razzberry Rhinoceros and even though I don't drink, I am fascinated with the names of these alcoholic beverages.
The ones that got my goat were French 75, Dark&Stormy cocktail, Old Maid By, Jager Bomb. so i got a real kick doing this crazy verse,,sonething to take away the monday blues .

Lilac Intuitions

I walk through the night looking at the stars
They sing to me with their galactic guitars.

I feel you stirring inside my soul
I hear whispers of your dreams as I stroll.

Butterflies carry my tears across the sky
They turn to purple clouds up on high.

I drown in an ocean of lavender tides
Where I daydream my way on celestial rides.

Touching my soul in a way that I can write
Hoping to get all my words right.

I walk into the sunshine and feel you bright
Hand in hand, from darkness to light.

# rhyming couplets

First Blush

Sun flares into the sapphire
My canvas rushes to capture
Birds flying through wands of gold, grey
Language of rainbow wings
Strength in wild of day
Divine comes through 
Sun warms aura of my consciousness
Adorning wisdom in my heart
I bleed in this odyssey
Where tears turn to diamonds
A jeweled promise
Like a timepiece
Holding the 


On A Fragrant Trail

I dance with the wind on a fragrant trail.
Blooms in the meadow beckon me
I stroll across the grass, over the vale
I hear trilling birds flying carefree
Verdant dale delights in its own melody
I fling myself to nature's beauty
Where lush boughs tumble balmy bounty
A redolent zephyr whistles and hums
I breathe Gaea's fragrant serenity
And meander among dew-kissed blossoms.