On A Fragrant Trail

I dance with the wind on a fragrant trail.
Blooms in the meadow beckon me
I stroll across the grass, over the vale
I hear trilling birds flying carefree
Verdant dale delights in its own melody
I fling myself to nature's beauty
Where lush boughs tumble balmy bounty
A redolent zephyr whistles and hums
I breathe Gaea's fragrant serenity
And meander among dew-kissed blossoms.


I Will

I will clasp your hand in mine
And never let go
I will cherish the thoughts
That flow from your mind
Yes, I feel the love
It encompasses my senses..

I will walk beside you
Through thick and through thin
If your heart breaks, I will mend it so
You never know-your heart ever broke
You lead the way
I will follow
If you can't walk anymore
I will carry you in my arms

I will lay down beside you and feel your strength
And just forget the world and live the eternity..

Navajo Moon

Navajo moon-
A smoke signal 
Lights up my pillow.

Through the night's mist
Delicate sound of fireflies
Gently nudging the wind.

Twilight runes:
Scatter cicada shadows
Carrying the light of stars.

Out of darkness;
The light of dawn
Night melts away
In the reflection
Of my dreams

I return the call
Of the nightingale...