My tribute to all who read me here

Gave me
Mind vocables
A symphony of liquid consonants
Hypnotic in their healing qualities
Like an instinct
My wisdom's

That runs
Spilling from
The mirrors of
Foresight, their reflections giving meaning
A tribute that luminesces, honors the
Writers, poets
Who come to 
Read me



When a sentient wind hums paeans
Enthralling, enkindling nature's swayin'
Tinging, etching, time's rhythm
Lustrous colors drip lissome
Phoebus embrace flushed with hints of jasmine
Sol paints aurum, cooling mist glowin'
Gold encrusted words on a lightened breeze
As old as the oceans and the seas
Haunting the pages of destiny
Paeans strung on a wind's journey
Poetry of a soft summer breeze
Murmuring on landscape's chemise
Shadows prance as clouds garland skies
On succulent blooms blazing butterflies
Dawn's mulberry air carries substance and soul
Sun's flame warms basil, mint, knoll
The day with go on with her impassioned rite
Dawn to dusk and to night's onyx light.

Teardrops of the sun

Draining silver of the clouds
To spin on a flaxen breeze,
Raindrops catch the golden light-
Teardrops of the sun

Singing in the summer rain
Fallen blooms paint the sidewalk
A wind chatters to the birds-
Nectarine murmurs

Sky misses a heartbeat, as
A rainbow slips a rendezvous
Into sapphire whispers-
An airbrushed prism

Suffusing emerald trees
Breathing boundless horizons
Where the sky paints its own dreams-
Auroral crescent.



A cantaloupe sun beams from a sapphire latticework
Spilling energy, igniting amber breaths synchronizing life
Prisms of luminescence drape panorama, lustrous , warm.

Moist summer air blazes through oaks, maples, chestnuts, willows
Alabaster clouds bespangle an epiphany over a daffodil parade.
Sunlit glossed meanderings comfort me in my quietude.


And i dream of my next always..