in the sky's silence
 I hear the whispers
of falling blossoms

my angst roams in
nothingness of 
shadows long gone....

becomes a souvenir
in my quill

my blood rushes red
pushing effervescent...
into heaven's tapestry

butterflies loiter
on quivering leaves
honeydew scents

I breathe dreams into a 
constellation born
in the blue of my quill


of infinite love
the burning 
and yearning
orchestrating impulses
temptations tempo

the rush of 
unleashed awareness
that burns wild
the sojourn of equinox
a potent invite..


calibrating the waking

In the warmth of moon's pale reflections
I gather stars in my night
Sipping midnight dew ambrosial
I sleep
Sleep awakens my dreams
In monochrome of sepia
Perceptions hue thought transitions
Weaving a tapestry of a thousand suns
Calibrating the waking

Sky whispers
On calathea breath
Butterflies dance
On a sunshine lattice
Birds dash through
Quivering sunrays
Nectar scents bloom

My ink follows
birth of
the milky way...

Hello Allen, Hello Jack

Emotions write themselves into verses
Words ...lonesome 
in their longing to be heard
A quill-- bleary nibbed
And a poem that looks me
in the eye
Hello Allen, Hello Jack...
mismanaged emotions 
stagger into a bereft page
my longing to write 
is almost narcotic..
staring into hallucinating clouds
riding on the back of lightening
thunder slaps my ears..
I hear sirens in the 2.a.m sky
their red neon lights revolve 
into reflections...
I blink..eyes vermilion
in the shadows of sleep..

time hangs motionless...
time has gone to sleep
hello Allen, hello Jack..
you beat me to it..


The scarlet of my lips
Curve into an amethyst smile
Amblygonite pushes smalt
Breathing nerves of gold

In opaline dreams
Fragrance of ancient framboise
Spill on muslin garbs 
Of roseate commitment
Poetry's sweet alyssum


I take a pause

I take a pause
breathing in the chorus 
of nature's movement

I walk into the green of arching trees and twining brambles, 
my breath toasted by the delicate scents of hidden flowers.
Shadows whirl against swirling treetops..glowing

a golden roam guides
my steps..i sit in
a slow sunset

Birds twitter into nectar misted dew warmed by sunbeams on the 
bosom of fuschias, geraniums, marigolds and dahlias. Pungent odors
from the soil strike air...,lingering..tracing heat.

birds whistle into
the air...a sigh
breaks from my lips

Late beam of the sun touches my shoulder...soft winds croon me to 
slumber..night vanishes..silent dreams reel into morning calm
awaking release of falling stars...

dawn undresses
my dreams
spilling her

Selene’s breath

Stars weave gloss into my trail
Stroking a dazzling moonlit grail.

Crepescule clouds sigh, moon
Into a mournful alabaster rune.

I waltz into Selene's argent beam
She sparks pearly lustrous dream.

Sipping nectar darkness lent
Heart yearns jasmine scent.

A mystique drift of nocturnal cries
Awakening misty night with fireflies.

Dim of a mildewed sky folds
Ebony lattice of reveries holds.

Silvery satiny ribbon cascade dawned
Night's pewter breath lilts beyond.