night’s alchemy

Fireflies lambent 
In twilight's emerald hue...
Night lays bare its scent.

Fireplace burns hushed time
As crackle of flames glitter
On evening's chemise...

Satiny stars flicker
Splattering across ebony
Breathing jeweled dew...

Night's alchemy lures
Syncopated rhapsody
In moonlit octave...

Sleep shadows the eyes
Like keeper of the night
Stars rhythm my dreams...

broken innocence

On the courage of a child
Earth mourns
The shattered innocence
When belly cries
Unresolved hunger
Becomes courage...
Shadows of death 
Cast their reflections
Over bent broken flowers
Armageddon siren cries
As planes growl
Burning the sky
Barrel bombs sniff
Human blood
A sleeping pill
Dictating death
A loss...without color-
Without scent
Weaponing water
Cutting lifelines
Doomsday surrenders..

I catch a spark from heaven

Night unfolds
Under a november moon
I catch a spark from heaven
As moonbeams flare my fingers
Stars dip into my inkwell
Spinning across pages
Binding lines together
Firing the ebony
In monochrome of abstract.
A flowerbed of sky..lanterns 
Glow platinium
Pushing darkness to pulse radiant
Dew scents night's heartbeat
Moving sepia of perceptions
As an opal sakura  breaks shadows

The winter wind dreams of spring...

sweet strength

The color of breath
In the blue of heartbeat
Sweet strength of unseen..

I find my heart as
Soul succumbs to the sweet strength
Of spirit's wisdom...

My spirit flowers
As starglow sparks ivory
In a moon etched heart...

With heartbound eyes
I escape the boundaries 
Of imagination....

Vanilla laced clouds 
Wait for the melody of night
Ad i find sweet strength 
In the existence of your heartbeat..

A poet’s world

A poet was born when the heart began to cry
Embracing the page to scribble from nib's eye.

Words drench the walls around the heart
Flipping the bloodrate to a new start.

The heart rushes to the tune of syllable, word
Spilling like a rainbow into a colorful blur.

Blossoms of the soul that unfurl
Gift of scent unfolding into a whirl.

Rhyme and rhythm begin to grow
Verses with reason begin to flow.

Poets understand poet's woes
Like petals of a flower in motion heard.

Cracks in the soul heal to forget
A smile drowns all the regret.

And the cry of the words not denied
Tears of ink run down cheeks, now dried.

Whispers of the soul now find their voice
Thoughts that once bled speak a new rejoice.

edge of paradise

My fingers tingle, ignite
From a fire that burns my soul
Fuel that sparkles my ink dreams
Edge of paradise.

I discover love
Through luster of distance, time
The stars hold our fire.

I linger under
A ruby moon,smattering
Of tourmaline stars
Shine on me like ancient gold
Evanescing paradise.


I lay myself down to sleep in night's sky
Cradled in a rock-a-bye
Moon hears my sleepy sighs
Stars sing me a lullaby
I slumber in the hush of dreams
Cradled in the musings of treasured reveries
Feathered clouds embrace my eyelids
Sleep unwraps the lattice of my yearnings
Moistened eyes touch pillow
As starlit shadows breathe
A moonlit serenade...

I invite heaven into my chimera....