Slipping On A Teardrop

I slip on a teardrop to fall into a diamond sky. Sapphire winds glaze my eyes, potent tears drip through midnight hours in an ocean of moonlit tides.

Like a shooting star
Travelling light years in a multiverse;
I ache for a wish.

Swirling in aromas of petalled darkness, tangerine stars flame into vignettes that glide on musings in night's primitive caress.

Whisper of unmet dreams-
My breath draws a sigh.

The bruise in my heart sweetens the pain of yearning, heartstrings pull a song that brings the sky into my heart.

Flower-child swathes herself

Starlight grazes my aurora spirit, reveries silken in the gauze of soul's palette--tints of dawn's melody and solace of darkness trace.

Journey of shared tears
A path of forgotten love--
Heartbeat of my dreams.

#haibun, #haiga, #haiku

Her Twinflame

She sees his face in the white of moon
In azure reveries, she feels his soul holding her in the indigo of night ..
In the hush of sleep, his lips ignite in a moonbeams song..eyes caressed by starlight- humming a lullaby .. a jasmine rhapsody on a stardust cloud
She inhales the scent of his tranquility as he lulls her to the hues of the night
They breathe together to become complete
A sacred blending of two souls
Waltzing across the starlight.
In the light of dawn, as the sun laughs into her eyes
she finds a memory living in her heartbeat
a temptation of hope..
Flaming into an endless devotion.