Knock It Off, Alien.

An alien came knocking on earth's door. Or so she thought. Mother Earth thought not to open...Earth was closed to strangers now. Not only strangers but strange and foreign things only withstanding Kubrick's Doctor Strangelove.There had been enough contamination and pollution of all natural resourses. Purity was depleted on all levels. And earth definitely could not take another beating.
Earth needed a breather......
The knocking continued. Mother Earth decided to open the door. But her sense of foreboding forbade her from doing so and she decided to see who it was who had come calling. She never liked turning anyone away but times were so bad now, she'd rather see her visitor before letting them in. She put her eye to the peephole in earth's door, she could see no one..she started to  turn away when there was another knock. She took a peek again, still no sight of anything or anyone, just miles and miles of space...

And then she saw a spark that faded gradually, it was a shooting star......catching her breath quickly, she made a wish...she made a wish for her earthlings...that the planet would become clean and green again. She wished for peace and prosperity ...for all posterity.
Hoping that we as a human race would last that long...

April night--
Somewhere in the darkness
A shooting star falls;
Cereus blooms become 
Syllables in the night's silence:
The sepia of free falling metaphors..
The horizon becomes my Milky Way...

I finally feel like the poet in poetry....

If We Met

If I met you, I would be looking at you with stars in my eyes;
And I would feel my heart race, my pulse rise...
Meeting you would be like an adrenaline rush
I would hide my face so that you would not see me blush.
Maybe I would be tongue-tied
Stammer to say the things I feel inside.
I would feel the softness of your breath as you whispered in my ear
I would hear your heartbeat that to me is so dear.
I see you in all the things that I do
That you are not with me makes me somewhat rue.
I will always carry a piece of you with me
The reflection of my emotional sensibility.
To a special place, I make my way
A forever dream that I indulge in everyday..


Wacky whippersnappers wildly wallopped with wordmongers watchwords....
Wisenheimer whistles whimsical wisecracks wagering wool gathering waifs wanderlust.... watching wryly, weeping wallflowers waltz-- -wrecking wisdom's wavelength...
Wordsmitheries wean wistful wannabes 
wrapping wholesome words with wackadoodle wackos 
Who wreak worrisome wordishness...

# Tautogram poem

New Dawn

Liquid luminescence of a robin-egg sky fills the air with bouquet of efflorescence, 

The morning chimes to sounds of a sparrow’s song..

I wake to the tangerine taste of chimera on my pillow

Dreams fade into the morning mist..

My breath pauses on a goodbye...
And all the journeys I should not have taken...

Without Heart And Limb

The mother who bore more me now bores me to death,so much so that I am hanging up my boots because I got too big for them and this is as modest as I can get and I don't mind death...
All I can do is brush off the dust 'cus I am out on a limb getting cold feet.
Ice ice baby..more like, ant, ant, baby 'cus they're numb from ants in my toes......sitting too long in woe..
Talking of feet, I have possibly two left feet, is that possible?
You can put in your answer in the comment below in a dance emoji...
Believe me, I used to wear my heart on my sleeve...
Now, I cut my sleeve off
 I am without a heart and a limb..
Pacemaker, anyone?

#Beat poetry #Slam poetry