New Dawn

Liquid luminescence of a robin-egg sky fills the air with bouquet of efflorescence, 

The morning chimes to sounds of a sparrow’s song..

I wake to the tangerine taste of chimera on my pillow

Dreams fade into the morning mist..

My breath pauses on a goodbye...
And all the journeys I should not have taken...

114 thoughts on “New Dawn

  1. Beautiful as ever, and the last line grabbed my heart. Are we supposed to be able to listen to you say the lines? I don’t know how this works, please forgive my ignorance ❀

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      1. So then, is the little bar beneath the poem not an audio feature? That’s where I’m confused–I thought if I clicked on it, I’d hear you reading the poem… No??

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      2. No, I did not record the poem , even though I had put my mind to it , I keep putting it off ..too lazy πŸ™ƒ, no..
        You have to hear me in your head , Avia ..πŸ€—

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      1. That’s odd. Opened for me just now. Did you try “right click -> open in a new tab”? (It really is the kind of humor that is not funny if it must be explained. Otherwise, I would clarify… …let me know if you still have problems with it.)

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      2. OK, but since my last session had to wipe a hard drive and re-install on one of the machines I use for blogging. Up all night working on that, so very little or no work on the blogs. I can always pick it up later in the day or tomorrow.

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      3. Just pickin’ up the pieces. You know how it goes. Re-installing the operating system is never enough. All those gadgets and gizmos we use to make our work flow smoothly are missing and they have to be re-installed, also. Always takes a week to a month (sometimes much more) to get the machine “right.”

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  2. This is where your mastery of poetry becomes so obvious. This verse holds such emotion and power within your words. They are woven beautifully to create a place for the reader to reside. And in the world you build, we find ourselves. Well written, dear friend!

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