When words get drunk,
They become Miss Fit
They are Miss Spelt
A Miss Interpretation happens
A Miss Placed Miss Construction
A Miss Conduct of
Miss Fortune who
Miss Carries the
Miss Programming which spirals into a Miss Quote of Miss Knowledge
That morphs into a
Miss Conception who
Miss Quotes
Miss Uses a misword.

I Wear Your Skin

Sister, I wear your skin
I feel your unspoken pain
The anger of a simmering flame
I feel your fears
I see unshed tears
You have to fight to belong
You have to be strong
Sister, I feel the rape of honour
I feel my skin crawl at the destructive macabre .

Brother, I wear your skin
I feel the words in your throat
I feel you speaking bright, colored
I feel your heart beating
I feel your hope fleeting
I feel you tear inside
But then, you have to decide
You’d rather explode
And feel the inner applaud .

I wear your skin
I wear all the metaphors for pain .

The Wrong Side

On the wrong side of destiny
I was born
In the silence of a teardrop
On the edge of a breakdown
Learning to fall
Learning to unlearn

That writes itself into words
I touch the words
As the sun fires deep in my belly
Making me into my quintessence
Made into me.

Whimsy Wanderlust

Through the clouds 
I wander
My dream and I

I wear my pain
In the rainy cloud
To let the dew-wreathed heal my mind

Am I the lonely dreamer now ?

In the moody shades of cobalt blue
I dream my bruised dream.