Night’s dream dew-laced in dawn’s light
In the luminescence of a tear’s essence
Stars’ crystal lustre pales afore sun’s might
I surrender to the tenderness of their iridescence
To decode interlude of perceptions to make sense
I lay my soul bare in the palette of dyes
As starlight fades in the anthem of birds
I quiet the tears that rise in my eyes
To paint pages with words that can be heard
Lines rise in rhythm, waiting to be savoured.

# Choka

Softly, They Shine

Starry night brings delight 
How I love the stars’ light
Shimmering, glittering, bright
Twinkling like sapphires
Scintillating and shining
Like lanterns glowing
Through the darkness igniting
Dreams that keep showing.

# Trochee


Irises gleam 
A moonbeam falls
Jasmines sashay

Scenting the air
Lush blooms bare pale
And flare in gloam

Crepuscule fire
Burns sapphire bright
Desire ignite.

# Than-Bauk

Pit Stop

I refuel my limbs 
in the emptiness of
an existential cul-de-sac
like written lyrics
of a platinum record
that need a voice to sing
to cry
taking that ride
the highway is my guide
windswept jackrabbit
on time borrowed time
I foot the pedal
stay in my lane
wait for a pit stop
to come my way again .

Meditating A Verse

Out of my mind 
that seeks
vowels and consonants
metaphors, similes
in my fingers knowing
when the nib moves to write
my hands a beryl hue
dipped in the inkwell of my soul
in all forms the shades of blue
clematis and Tanzanite within my breath
the shape of thoughts…fluid
I’ll drink to ‘what mood to write’
To my pen dreaming a new verse into a waiting page. .