my kinda sun

each night you leave me
and go to the other
side of the world
to make their day bright.
in the darkness of the night
the moon comforts me
she sheaths me in her
silver shining light
the stars dazzle me
with their twinkling brilliance
as slumber overtakes me
I sleep the night away
waking up to find you
all around me
engulfing me with your warmth

Timeline Stories

poetry and I 
timeline stories
swapping the cosmos
reading the fine print
of a universe
a source of words
setting the ink on my fingers
unfolding solstice tales
aether shines with star drifts
eternity’s thousand ways
reality fleeting
ancient immortal
timeline stories.

War Ruins

war zone 
death’s heartbeat
regardless of spring

people cry each other
into bomb shelters
sun crashes on bloodied walls
some screams live in the throat
some never survive to live

reading the news
I feel the fear
between broadcasts
no deadlines
for destruction
where leaders buy time
with destruction
bloodied peace offering
the dead become the dehumanization of war.

An Hourglass Flipped

Time is a word, time is many a moon
They say time is the greatest healer
This fourth dimension that moves life
Irreversible sequence
That writes into our soul
Moving through our hearts
It takes and makes
Past, present
Charge of
To create
A now that comes
Calibrating life
A fleeting unstillness
Touching a kind of open
Living, breathing the act of being
The before, the after, and maybe
The instant and the constant that is time.

# Double Etheree

A Framed Silence

Heartbreaking when friends don't talk anymore 
Makes your heart all achy and sore.

Writing poetry is not so much fun
When the words ,  they don't come.

It's like watching the slowly falling rain
You feel the tears, yet not lose the pain. 

I feel like a soul that's misunderstood 
Trying my best to make it look good.

I try to hide myself inside my woe
It's best not to let it show.

My hands are empty but filled with words
I cling to the words that can't be heard.

The ink will not dry, the time will not pass
Your forever presence in my life my life will surpass.

Atomic Mushrooms Harvest

A poetic collaboration with Lubomir Tomik aka Midian Poet

Behind the windows of a gray face
At the end of the road
Broken glass lanterns will never find glassmakers
And white nights
The shore is out in the haze of fog.

Faces like words
Expressions soundless
Seeking understanding
A metamorphosis
Into existence
Light in the haze
Finding the sixth sense
A glass that survives the crash
Shattering into renaissance

Faces silent
Suddenly changing
In the atomic mushrooms of you
In the morning mist you collect them in a basket
At breakfast
Then you will embrace me with tenderness
Coffee by you
Unbelievable you

Face masks cling
Eyes light up
In the oxygen that floats
You collect them in your breath
And embrace me with life
Your soul sparkles