International Coffee Day

In honour of the coffee
In any geography
Coffee gives my morning
A kickstart energy warming
This early morning mainstay
An adrenaline rush to play
My coffee mate through the day
Helping sleepy eyes to stay
Get a bad hair day straight
With a lot on plate to contemplate
Cheers to this beverage
When time is on leverage
Hip-hip hooray to the coffee
Helps me stay wide awake when groggy.


Moonbeams chime
A beautiful dream
Where my soul
Wanders free
On golden wings of fairies
Their wands of Lambent
Scattering opalescent
On the edge of night
As eyelids droop
Velveteen wild
Wildflowers in my eyes
Stardust glows
To ignite heart
Blazing bright
To embrace lavender graced
Of your starlit

Hickory Dickory

Hickory Dickory Dock
A fat mouse got stuck in the clock
Big Ben heard him squealing 
The alarm bells began pealing
That's when Tom cat stepped in to take stock.

Hickory Dickory Dock 
A mouse got stuck in the clock
Big Ben threw up his hands in despair
He could find no way the mouse to ensnare
Putting timeline in a deadlock...

Sadly, Tom could do nothing...

Too Much Of A Bad Thing

I write an antibacterial poem
On an antiseptic page
My pen metaphysical
A library of blue black ink
Fading into sepia of cornucopia
I hold my own hand
Fingers restless 
I clasp, unclasp slowly
In a forgotten time
The smell of sanitizer
Stretches the length of my breath
Mumble of masked words
Mouthed in a wail of release
Fertile eyes turn rubble
In the stillness of silence
Unsure of speech..

Corona is a loner, it would not die for me
But it has put the world on hold
On bated breath that fails to rise
An ancient disease brought into a new-age
Sitting on chests of men , with a violence bringing oblivion of death  
Science has kept us  waiting while the world is on a death-wish.....


Dear Poets, Writers

Dedicated to you all

You are the indigo riding my mind
The purple wisdom in my bosom
The logic that becomes my instinct
The instinct that pulls my gut
Your priceless ink shapes emerald words
Like blooms woven in the white of paper
You are
The calming in the wild beating of my heart
Adrenaline pulsing my blood stream
The dreams behind my eyelids
The taste of music on my lips as I sing
The songs that still the rising chaos of a thousand pleas
My wired mind magnetized by the sage brilliance 
That nourishes the trust

You perfect the poetry 
You become the poetry
The PoetPerfect.