give me a prayer

I wish to ride on a shooting star
and make all my dreams come true;
Give me a prayer that I can sing
A chorus for world to lose the blue.

I wish to make a prayer for peace
for all the people living;
that I can sing, give me a prayer
to bring back calmness, peace attaining.

I wish to call upon all forces,
To release all frustrations;
Give me a prayer that I can sing,
bringing peace to all generations.

I wish for mankind to live in peace
in sweet harmonious strains;
that I can sing, give me a prayer
serenading earth with rainbow stains.

tasting bliss

It will be good to wake up dead…one morning
not to feel the body, the sense, the emotions ..anymore
taste immortality
waking up..maybe ..on a harley
or on a horse, galloping, no stirrups
riding bareback,..the highway..a place
neither heaven nor hell
A rolling highway between the two
a wingless flight into some destiny..

no more the body caged within the spirit
the attempt no more, to live the earthly urges
shunned by life’s abomination
scrotched by flame of searing scorn
this freedom of not thinking at all, I cherish
no longer the thought of survival
no clamor, yearning none..

into oblivion sink relationships
the passion that consumed
tender love that bloom
struggling with circumstances
attempting to bamboozle time
with sense of reminiscence

affections tingling fantasies
fancies that simmer, like a fire
waiting to conflagrate into a bright flame..

from the sanctity of sanity
to the stirrings of inner soul
a quintessence cherished
with a passion for verve..

the confines that bind
from being a slave to “time”
the luxury of loosening
the inhibitions
the beginning of bliss~~~

My Delirious Quill

A hydrophilic pen I own
I like to call it the fountain pen
It thrives on water
That flows from my eyes
As my eyes overflow
My pen begins to glow
Lubricating its nib with
The acqueous transparent fluid
That my eyes oft seem to produce
The nib of my inebrieted pen
Intoxicates itself from the
Reservoir of my eyes, refilling
Not needing an eyedropper
A full ink cartridge
Drunk on its own success
Resisting my censorship
An incorrigibly glib tongue
Infatuated with the sense
Of freedom to express itself
A quill that sometimes goes berseck
The need to contain a pen gone bold
my fingers tremble as they hold
This tool that is mightier than a sword.

earful of wall

It’s not like I am eves dropping or something
Just that I always happen to be at the scene
I could bring the house down, but that would be mean
Its just that I have ears but no eyes for tears
I don’t like the part of me that’s human, the ears
If I could talk my heart out, I would be blabbing
Squealing on people, letting myself go a-leaking
Scandalizing the world, spilling secrets, no doubt
Putting dirty linen in public, to dry out
They would find me on twitter, tweaking
Remember Wikileaks, where journalists went seeking
I could be putting my money where my wall is
That would not be looking good for people, so please
Its already bad when someone bangs his head on me
I get all cracked up and achy
This world could do without a lot of walls
Sans boundaries, barriers, I can hear cries for peace calls!

golden dream clouds

Sun’s tangerine caress melts blanched crystal
As dewy, ivory showers on landscape
Sparkling golden rays warming earth’s pixel
Refreshing steamy mist flows from skyscape
Aurum radiance from firmament escape.

I sit pipe dreaming with head in the clouds
Wool gathering betwixt frosted pearl wisps
Glimpse silver lining thunderhead endows.
My cloud nine bursts into a pot of gold
As my dreams take me to the rainbow’s fold.

A Kiss Of Sunshine

A kiss of sunshine rests upon my brow
As the warmth of sun’s rays upon me flow
Melting the ice crystals that seem to cling
Falling like dew on blossoming buds of spring.

A kiss of sunshine rests upon my head
Warm fingers of sunlight through my hair thread
As golden heat courses down my body
To take on the day, I am now ready.

A kiss of sunshine lights up my whole face
As the sun glows on all life to embrace
Reviving a world that had gone to sleep
The sun never fails his promise to keep.

bunny bugged

There lived a nice looking bunny,
Munched GNC, thought life was sunny,
Until they put her on
The cover like a newborn
Didn’t think it one bit funny.

Dr.Dolittle came to her rescue
He told Playboy that he would sue.
Alan pitched in with the chipmunks
Lost the case, the magazine punks.
Ratatouille whipped up a fondue.


walk with me in my dreams
in a satiny night sky
with stars sparkling by
the moon giddy with delight
as we sleepwalk through the night

in the silence of deep slumber
our thoughts connect with each other
a dream walk mesmerizing
hearts with love’s glow blazing
this flame that is all embracing

let’s sleepwalk into each other’s dreams
get drenched in heavenly streams
where our feet will take us, I don’t know
holding hands, never wanting to let go
with you, I need to go all the way, though

I don’t want this night to ever end
let the daylight back to darkness bend
as we look into each other’s eyes
we know we have found a love so true
lets give our love its due

in my dreams, come walk with me
we don’t need nobody no more
to each other, let’s hold on to
walk the path strewn with golden dew
to lonely dreamless nights, an adieu.


I felt the erratic fluttering of my pulse
As I sat huddled in the darkness
Throbbing palpitations of the heart
Unrhythmic contractions and dilations
As pain dug deep into my flesh…trying to find the bone
My spine tingled as fingers of torment
Brushed through the entire chord….
Alarms bells in my head….signals transmitting to the nerves
A feverish agony..probing, proding corners
Left untouched by the searing ire of disease
Time ridden cells taking their toll
A fee paid with life bestowed
The pain screamed in my ears
Or was it my voice?
No longer able to recognize my voice
Gone hoarse pleading for mercy..
Now death stood defiant..dark and morose
The invincible, inevitable
Was it the glory of white or the gore of black
Death riding fierce…robed in the gear of soul taking
Pain would not let me go gently
Wreaking havoc…breaking spirit…soul
Destroying the body…pliant
Yearning for the sleep
That would leave pain behind
On the other side….
As the body melted into earth
My spirit lay gazing at the stars
As I parted with pain….