The power of light can ignite
Dispel darkness, a token of sight
The prism of perception
Knowledge of comprehension.

Evidence of Almighty’s might
Existence of energy burns bright
Extolling the perfections
Of universe, heavens reflections.

Light is pristine, infinite
Outruns sound,lightsome flight
Planet’s sparkling effulgence
Sky indulges the opulence.

Religion of goodness upholds
When light of faith, a soul holds.

inexplicable torment

The great feast is finished, the banquet hall deserted.
The shadows lengthening towards night.
The broad canopy of heaven holds a silver footed moon.
And stars in their course,the oil lamps are slowly expiring.
Insidious death tenaciously approaching
With darkness and deep silence.the oil lamps
Are flickering laboring for breath,for a drop of oil
Trying to fight, to glow on against impregnable death.
Is there no one to keep it aglow?am I to be forsaken
In the dark, Oh!eternal chain of slumber
Who will cometh upon me with a golden shield
Oh flickering uncertain light! here I am on the verge of darkness.


my shoulders
carry the weight
of the world,
my shoulder blades
are real tough,
they pack a punch,
enduring the prodigious.

squaring my back,
I take on
travails and tasks
of the psyche,
at the day’s end,
I lean on my own shoulders.


Thoughts shut in darkness
clautrophobic mind in
the darkness of no escape
strangulation of rational process
of thinking, emoting…
pent up anxieties, frustrations
knotting up stomach
the mind erupting like a volcano
reactions of shackled destiny
defeaning silence of screams
that leave throat, only
a gasp, a hoarse whisper
repurcussions of releasing
breath slowly leaving body
for timeless eternity that shapes
hands that break and take
the depth of a person’s fate,
dissolving into uncertain beliefs
of what maybe, can be
impermanent life
to be
permanently toyed with.