The pour of unborn stars

unborn stars wait
for the night sky to open
this holding of time
in the mauve of night
like irises promenading
in an indigenous cosmogony
Selene tiptoes in
crowning the darkness
her primitive light
in a brooding ebon sky
novae fusion flames
an astral explosion
like an epiphany rush
in the inception of galaxies
the universe releases
its very own verse
an anemone oracle.

For that one dream

eyes wedded to love in night's solstice
as mòonligt pours its silver glow
souls take a rebirth in love's rite
nourishing a rainbow's breath
where peace holds the heart
weeping tender
praying for 
that one


arithematics of war
casualties raise number bar
genocide of the people
humanity becomes a cripple
peace encrypted
brutality depicted
annihilation decoded
political aphorism encoded
civilians under siege
chemicals, incendiary besiege
wide-eyed watching the offense
civilization without defense
splintered battered conflict
generations ruined, pyrrhic afflict
if there was hell on earth
one must see Syria's hearth.


Incarnadine rush

I freefall into magnolia dreams
Feeling the rush of incarnadine.
Turning daydreams into lines
Erasing the doubt that defines.
Hueing the birth of poetry 
As syllables snuggle this coterie.
I catch broken pieces of my poem
Freeing from  angst of my roam.
Stars word-play in my ear
Lunar rhythms lumiere.
I spell musical sounds of my words
Push touch ivory of notes curved.
I walk into a library of heartstrings
Pull out a diary to see what memories bring.
I blink into a life that has bruised me
Finding solace in my strength's beauty.


In mellow of eventide
Night scatters aural
I meander in moonlight's breath
Time is undefined in the night
A delirious escape
From day's restless spree.

Moonbeams fragile rays
Wrap my hair in silken gauze
Jewelled stars begin to gleam
Soaking my breath in amber scents
Clouds cradle darkness
As shadows bend and dim
Unraveling Wyrd
Under a mildewed marquee
Where reveries bequeath 
Velvet hope.

An emblazoned wind
Spins aural
Runes quiver..

Season time

Springtime, trysting time
Beauty of blossoms sublime.
Happy bees, birds, butterflies
Air filled with twittering cries.
Summer's aurum heat
Thirst one cannot beat
Golden warmth of sun
Beach is so much fun.
Her mantle she lays down
Looks 'pon green with a frown
Her own palette autumn has
Tinting nature with pizzazz.
Winter puts up a frosty show
A heart of ice, heart of snow
On hushed, lulled landscape
Sparkling icicles drape.
What with global warming
Ozone depletion warning
Let us hope the seasons stay
Making mother earth bright, gay.

an apple a day

I slipped and fell, fractured my ribs
The doctor strung me up on saline drips
I didn't want to eat an apple a day
The doctor was too handsome to keep away
His chemistry my pain eclipse.


Poetry potion

Like a whisper in my dream
Murmurs tease quintessence of my psyche
Burning emotions turn to words
Shattering stars in my eyes
This singing to me, in my highs and my lows.
Dialect of my thoughts
In eternal oasis of 
Swirling blossoms..that put the wind in motion
Caught in its spring flowering
And dew-glow on my breath.

I evanesce in the unknowing
As I sink in the blue-blooded ocean
The sky is my parasol.

I surface
Glowing in pixie dust...

I court destiny.....