For that one dream

eyes wedded to love in night's solstice
as mòonligt pours its silver glow
souls take a rebirth in love's rite
nourishing a rainbow's breath
where peace holds the heart
weeping tender
praying for 
that one

68 thoughts on “For that one dream

  1. never think i don’t read you yassy. your poetry is a challenge at times i admit. you know how it is. it often seems about me. now that’s poetry. i am sure many readers get the impression it is about them too. it’s probably about you.

    i don’t comment much, because you know me, once i start talking i don’t know when to stop.

    been treated to some awesome sunsets recently. i started up a slide show today with the latest 8000 sunset pictures. what a rush. i watch and think, i should upload that one, then a few later another pops up that i think should be uploaded.

    no time. been that way for a long time. the only break i get is sunset itself and the time i spend moving pictures around, when i really should be working on something else. it be my life. i do need to change.

    thank you for your dreamy poetry. i do like the dark. my eyes are so bad that dusk is a comfort to them. the brightness of the day is hard to take for long. dreaming in the evening. studying the shadows. be well.

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    1. I look forward to your pictures , Ebyaniy ! I keep zooming them and love the details. I thank you for this awesome luxury of these mindblowing subsets ! You are a genius with your lens.
      I thank you for reading , my dear Eby! The poetry is all about life , about maybe you , maybe me. It just has to connect.
      I just can’t miss any of your posts. I do miss posts on my reader sometimes. Will check you out in a bit. You stay well.

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      1. what i have been doing more is adding pictures to existing posts. that way it does not hit the reader or send out any notifications. i’m so shy.

        if you just go to my home page and page down you will probably see many pics you have not seen before. you don’t have to click on anything that way and can page down till you tire of it. the images are full size on the home page so it is easy peasy that way. you don’t have to see comments that way either. it’s just pic after pic after pic.

        no one really does that except for me. i can tell because my home page rarely gets any views and maybe only one at a time which means they did not page down any.

        so i started hiding pics in old post. you know how sneaky i can be. and i am going to keep putting more down there just for the fun of it. that is if i ever get the time.

        your poetry always connects. that is what i meant about it feeling personal. your following feels that too.

        thank you for the nice things you said. i know it’s not true but i do try hard. you are always most kind. thank you yassy.

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      2. Eby, people here should enjoy your pictures. They are awesome. It’s an awesome talent you hold on your hands. You celebrate this magnificent nature by opening it up to the world to see. How can we not be grateful to you. We aw blessed that you let us enjoy this beauty of nature through your eyes.

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      3. please don’t think i was trying to use your comments to get traffic. i really don’t care about traffic. i was just trying to share the easiest way for you to see the ones i hid since you mentioned it and always looked at my new pics in the past, which i greatly appreciated.

        see what happens whenever i talk. i talk talk talk talk talk. sorry. somebody smack me. i guess i could have replied to you in one of my posts so it would not be in your comments. see how silly i am.

        oh, sunset was real cloudy tonight. i could not get the colors just right. the wind was blowing strong out on the point and there was a little water spray and lots of motion. it felt good even though the pictures were not just right. i love that feeling. warm and windy and wet.

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      4. Eby, why would anyone think of traffic. My dear , you and I , we are artists , poets, painters or whatever , it doesn’t matter anymore or at all. So be ! And I so do happy when you talk ! I think I need to see all your older pics. It’s my treat !!!

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      5. wow. i don’t know what to say to your last two comments. thank you so very much. i will work on posting more pics when i can.

        you are right about why we do it. it is for some inner satisfaction and the experience and observation. it heightens the senses and makes us more perceptive.

        i would say in my case the artist is the sunset painter. it is too easy for me to take the pictures. i am certainly an art appreciator though and look for art all around and in people’s work.

        appreciating art takes some ability too though. just like deciphering the meaning in you poetry at times. it takes concentration, contemplation and consideration. so both the art itself and the appreciation of it has value and is meaningful.

        well now i’ve said too much. i will work on more postings, but not tonight. i am really tired. thank you again yassy. so good talking with you.

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      6. I just told you what I thought. You must share your perceptions of nature here. It’s heartening for all of us.
        You bring the beauty of creation right to my door and that is because you are appreciative of earth and all it’s beauty.
        Anyways , I want to see all your posts. I have missed a lot. I will do it but not in a hurry.

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  2. The dream was this; you and I In our 25th years of loving bliss at the age of 30 going 15. We still couple at sunset, and loving each dawn. Each time the loving eyes never ceasing and hands that does not stop touching. That was and will ever be, the dream.

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