Chasing Dreams

Moonlit night--
Your smile takes away
the shadows.

A moment in time--
In the night's stillness
The scent of you.

Turning the darkness-

The Milky way sings
Fragments of dreams.

The hush 
of solitude....

The distance
The universe
And words
Between us...

The taste of a poem
All things said
And unsaid-
On my lips..

The night melts away...

Dawn comes--
Nightingale's song
Stops my

In the gentle strokes
Of your brush--
New blooms....

#Senryu # Haiku

Stringing Up

Destiny spins a yarn threading
A fibre through time
To string up time on the wall or
Embedded in an hourglass
Well propotioned
An equal upper and a lower half
Like a doll
Fate caught in a glass jar
Flowing relentlessly, unstoppable
Held under supervision in a place
Called the four walls
A house, a home
Putty in whose hands
A yarn is spun on a drop spindle
To coat a collectible with sensibilities
Carelessly toyed with
Molded, branded, burned with
The stamp of chauvinistic, masochism
In this state of doom, time stands still,
Tears prick the back of eyelids
The prick of needle oozes blood
Rubbed with shifting, sifting sands
Little time granules freeze
For that one moment
But glory evades.

Delphinium Dreams

Delphinium scented night
Delphinium sparkling bright
Bright, the heliotrope stars
Bright, the frosty tasseled hours
Hours that spell sweet Alyssum
Hours filled with poignant rhythm
Rhythm chiming cosmic tunes
Rhythm , lay of aural runes
Runes that bloom in your eyes
Runes that caress my sighs
Sighs of our rendezvous
Sighs that define I love you
You are the vision in my eye
You are where I want to fly
Fly to where the flowers sway
Fly to where our souls can stay
Stay where your dreams become mine
Stay to let interludes entwine

A Blitz poem.
# Blitz

I Feel Snow

In the Navajo white of wind's play
I reach out gently with my arms
Feeling the first hush of snow
Brushing, dipping, curving
Lattice of meadows
Rune of snowflakes
Twinkling like
Evanescing mystic afterglow
A crowning of winter solstice
Where fireplaces kindle
The thawing of season's
Celestial chill;
Sun's frozen
Iris smile


One Of Those Nights

When I am on the brink of sleep
Like a nomad trespassing the indigo night
This journey that takes me to a new morning.
When, in the fold of sleep, I hear
Birds sigh to the moon's lyre
As the glitter of nova floats
To the wind's ballad pealing the eventide
The amber of whispering breeze fades
To the hum of Cereus blooms..

In the calm of a turquoise night
Even as I sleep...
My quill lies awake
Writing the gentlest of dreams for me.

Rock Me Gently

Rock me gently into a stardust's dream
Till sweet dreams kiss eyelids drooping with sleep
Where evening's prism bursts into twirled reams.

The thrill of Mozart notes on your lips sweep
Me into a glimmering, vintage night
You gift me opal reveries to keep.

Fireflies trailing vales and leas delight
Pewter clouds gently quilt a lullaby
Birds coo final ditty in fading light.

Wispy sky hangs up its hat, triste goodbye
To a cruising, mellow sun, adieu
Then, stars are born as tinseled moonbeams sigh.

On dappled landscape, tempo of night's hue
I breathe to a sweet rush of honeydew.

# Terza Rima