Zephyr’s scent

a roulette of russet breeze
imbues my cheeks, roaming
moistened fingers through my hair
sashaying, coaxing
ruffling hems of my shy skirt
hueing contour of footsteps
incensing aisle of expanse
trailing a rainbow
I savor the breeze
its flamboyant flavors
perfume my breath.

The ghost of my dreams

Inspired yet again by Allen Ginsberg
I also thank Charlie.

The ghost of my dreams talked to me
I shut it up with sleep
Then dreams invaded my sleep
I caught them, seeing the fantasy
I woke to a fantasy that eluded memory
Lost in sepia..unattainable-desolation lingered
I went into life...and did my life..my time here
Imagery on my mind...some comfort
Work was like dagger piercing my nerves
Nerve cells shouted
I could not stop
Life did not stop its tirade
Its beating
I had this intelligent oxygen...in my brain
Telling me otherwise
I had to go on
That was the truth of my dreams
A semi-black fate.

a promise

Inspired by Allen Ginsberg's poem 'An Eastern Ballad'

The future allures me with a fresh promise
Senses enthrall a pulsating divine polish
Enchanting heartbeat with passion's depth
Fuelling my fire with sauvignon breath.
The prophecy of love's promise goes bold
Like album of verses bound in gold
Everyone dreams of love they hope to find
Not the kind that says that love is blind
The chances of finding true love so bleak
Like finding treausure in a sea so deap
And think of love as another art
Removing paranoia from the heart.

a devoted sun

In the fog of dawn
I hear the birds igniting 
A gig in the sky
I let go of my dewed robe
As sun's glow warms my teapot.

Harbingers of life
melt into the morning haze
under a steamy sun
blazing a thousand infusions
buds unfurl with abondon.

in the white of dawn
nature lays bare her mantle
opening her arms
to the season's gleeful hue
sky cascades azure marquee.....


paper plane of love

I am staring blankly at the blackboard
The teacher's voice is going over my head
The yearning in my heart just can't be ignored
Tearing my concenteration to a shred.

The paper plane I made with my heart on it
On someone else's desk flew and landed
I laid out my heart in this little love chit
So embarassed to be caught red handed.

You only seem to have eyes for that blonde with blue eyes
My feelings I pen for you become poetic art
This love I have for you may come as a surprise
The thought of you does strange things to my heart.

I am dreaming in class, my grades are falling
Can't you see what you are doing to me?
Scrawling, doodling on paper, my heart is waiting
Baby, look into my eyes just once and see my plea.


Strip comic

I love his tongue in cheek attitude
Giving his pursuers a run for their money
Burrowed in his hole with no solitude
Pert and saucy bugs bunny.

City of townsville their hub
Fighting crime, they take flight
Blossom, bubbles, buttercup
Powerpuff girls, every girl's delight.

They live in the middle of nowhere
He looks after marvel and eustace
Horror hounds him everyhere
Cowardly dog named courageous.

A mad hilarious cat mouse story
Turning topsy turvy, the house
On cheese and bone make merry
Tom cat and Jerry mouse.

A backwards poem.

Hare raising

He turns the table on his antagonists
He's streetsmart, never loses his wits.

He's flippant and laid back
I love his catch phrase ' what's up doc?

His added charm are his large buck teeth
This carrot crunching grey and white rabbit.

Burrowing into his hole with no solitide
Tough little stinker, with a non-chalant attitude.

Even with a gun pointed at his face
With cocky humor, never loses his grace.

My favorite cartoon character Bugs Bunny
Sends me into paroxyms of laughter, he's too funny.


Of blood
Have been shed
For the tragic 
Loss of life to wars and calamities
Human errors, natural disasters
Are the reasons
My heart weeps
The eyes 

Garden of solace

A place where butterflies, birds and bees
Hang out among the flowers and the trees.
perfume of blossoms invade senses
redolent breeze fragrance dispenses.

squirrels, rabbits, scurry in the glen,
frolicking in this flowery den,
sipping dew, cracking nuts, nibbling leaves
overhead, branches, green crochet weaves.

scentless velvety Kangaroo Paw
Lesser Calandine's heart shaped leaves draw
gasps, as Tiger Lily rears its head
Wax flowers' delicate aroma spread.

Welcome to my private sanctuary
Find solace in nature's pageantry.

reposting an old poem  


I sit in evening's portrait
anticipating twilight
solace of peace enters me
as nocturnal larks
croon into the milky way
stars serenade me gently
shining 'pon my lucent tears
my anguish subsides