Poetry potion

Like a whisper in my dream
Murmurs tease quintessence of my psyche
Burning emotions turn to words
Shattering stars in my eyes
This singing to me, in my highs and my lows.
Dialect of my thoughts
In eternal oasis of 
Swirling blossoms..that put the wind in motion
Caught in its embrace...like spring flowering
And dew-glow on my breath.

I evanesce in the unknowing
As I sink in the blue-blooded ocean
The sky is my parasol.

I surface
Glowing in pixie dust...

I court destiny.....

63 thoughts on “Poetry potion

  1. Absolutely lovely Yassy, you glow regardless whether in pixie dust or not. You have an aura and your words are amazing that makes your readers glow. Another Poetry potion in motion.🌹🌹

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  2. “I court destiny,” what a wonderful and powerful last line yassy and it seems to fit perfectly in describing the poet at work. The line also takes you back into the first line of the poem and gives it a feel of being on a continuous loop. A bit like the poet moving from one poem to another. Excellent poetry.

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  3. Most beautiful written” I surface Glowing in pixie dust…” Most lovely,dear yassy!! Much lovely ,your old poem.hey dear yassy!! Where were you far distance that time?😒

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