The pour of unborn stars

unborn stars wait
for the night sky to open
this holding of time
in the mauve of night
like irises promenading
in an indigenous cosmogony
Selene tiptoes in
crowning the darkness
her primitive light
in a brooding ebon sky
novae fusion flames
an astral explosion
like an epiphany rush
in the inception of galaxies
the universe releases
its very own verse
an anemone oracle.

82 thoughts on “The pour of unborn stars

    1. Thank you so much. The galaxy fascinates me no end. And that reminds me , aurora borealis is something that I look forward to seeing.
      The night sky is always amazing to watch. I am so happy you liked my post. Thank you ! You be well.

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  1. If it’s not purity on paper you’re creating, it’s magic in the Milky Way. A celestial creation by none other than a star in her own right. Your words are beyond beauty Yassy, they are out of this world. πŸ˜‰

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  2. i don’t know if i told you this before but i have thought it over and over.

    my favorite internet tool when reading your poetry is highlighting a word and right clicking and doing a web search on the word. in fact i think it was your poetry that taught me to do that.

    please don’t take that wrong. i am constantly astounded with the words you use and how you use them. at first i may not understand but after searching on the words it becomes more clear.

    so beautiful yassy. i echo other’s accolades.

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    1. I am so happy you do that. This verse took me five days to write. I was not happy with the way I placed it !
      I used the flower anemone to signify anticipation and good luck. I do my own research when I write about any subject so it’s an enrichment of sorts. It’s a wonderful feeling of inspiration when an artist like yourself appreciates. I am humbled and elated at the same time.
      Thank you my dear dear friend.


  3. now i am humbled and elated and grateful. i looked up anemone but did not grasp the anticipation. in my mind i have thought of oracle as divine speech. so anticipating the universe speaking.

    in the first couple reads that was the impression i had but i did not comprehend the flower representing anticipation. that makes the meaning fuller. thank you for explaining that.

    i also looked up Selene to understand the moon which clarified that part for me. then the image appears.

    thank you so much yassy for all the encouragement and taking time with me. you are so very kind and patient with me.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read , Eby!
      I think your pictures are an oracle in themselves. They are divine because they let us see the divine through your eyes.
      I so so loved your latest post. You are the best at what you do.

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      1. i agree the images are divine and not mine. that is how i take them when watching. it is like a communication. i feel that too.

        in working on this new project it seems to me that the intensity has increased. i hope that will become apparent as i continue to add to it. it is only in impression at this point.

        i am a receiver. whatever i receive is not mine. it is my pleasure to be there and see what i see. you are right. i need to share it.

        thank you.

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      2. And all I can say , Eby, thank you for sharing these. We can’t be there so you take you there or rather you bring it to us. Grateful to you. You take care πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

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    1. Yeah. Maybe like a warning for humanity that our earth needs nurturing and nuclear is not the answer. Man’s innate goodness must spill forth.


      1. i was envisioning the heavens being rolled up like a scroll in the sense that much of what we see is an illusion.

        i look at sunset that way. that colors suddenly change in a moment and everything appears different.

        i realize matter is involved in the universe but i am not even sure if that is real. i read somewhere that space is infinite matter. that is an interesting concept.

        i always have a feeling that in a moment everything may suddenly change. that is what i was seeing in your poem.

        like everything continues seemingly like it always has and then suddenly the universe speaks. that is kind of how i took it.

        you are the writer though. i would not presume to tell you what your poem means. see what i mean about the poem becoming personal in how we connect to it.

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      2. I like the way you interpreted my verse.
        Yes, it’s an illusion. That is the pathos of life. The impermanence of all things. The same says for your sunset. It’s that moment in time. But you have captured it for posterity.
        I write and I give my readers their free will to decipher it as they like. That is the joy of the written word. It’s all right up there in the mind.
        I am happy to have had this intellectual discussion with you , Eby.


      3. yes. the impermanence. but the universe may suddenly speak. at some point i expect eternity to start in the real sense. i think there will be an end to the impermanence at a given time.

        the photos i take are not permanent to me. they are more like pleasure and what is possible because of the beauty i see.

        can you imagine if eternal sunsets suddenly broke forth forever with intense beauty all around us?

        i was thinking about this the other day. what if the best pleasure we are capable of experiencing in this life is minuscule compared to what we will be capable of experiencing in eternal life?

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      4. Eternal life will be heaven , Eby , can you just imagine that.
        The photos you take have left an indelible mark on all of humanity. The photos are permanent , don’t you see. It’s the bigger picture in ethos.
        I think when we let go , we can actually experience the beauty and in that sense you have been selfless in this pursuit of what I call these eternal gems .
        If we have to enjoy nature we have to forget the other mundane things in life.
        I like this experience that you share with us , Eby. There is no greater gift that this , this that you share and I know for a fact you don’t hanker after fame or fortune. That is the goodness in you. You are as pure as a child.

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  4. sunsets are an illusion in that sense too. it is a lot of color. it changes the appearance of everything in the sky and the water. then it is gone again. so it is an illusion. the colors are not really there that you can touch them.
    the water is still muddy green below the orange and crimson. that is one of the things that amazes me. i am not sure what i am seeing. some may say a reflection. ok. of what?

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    1. I love the reflections you captured in some of your pics. Stars are an illusion too. What we see may not be there anymore. Finally , it’s in the perceptive of what we perceive .


  5. This poem creates a stunning visual yassy. The flow of flowers and colour give it such a wonderful feel. Thank you for writing and sharing with us.

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