I flow like water in deep sea
I flow with time
Breathing in the 
Vastness of infinite space..

I flow, with the flow of time
And tide, psychedelic..
Living in the monotony
Of mindless decadence,
Repressed, yet, in the
Involuntary movement of
Humdrum chores, a chaos of innate
Dreams myriad??, cascades..

I flow with time,
Letting the sublimal
Lull my intuitive heart 
Into believing destiny 
Sculpts the fore, intrinsic.

Time edges me into balancing my psyche
An incomprehensive manifestation, degenerating
Into spasms of cacophonic inevitability..

The pendulum slides with a mundane clack,
A pulsating ticking like adrenaline:
Rushing, racing, pumping, a 
Nemesis carrying 
A spell.


Poetry talks to me in the indigo stillness of a warm summer night.
Chasing word games in my mind, under a sky full of stars...who walk 
me..firing the glow in my eyes...timeless...ageless
Fireflies glimmer
Across the turnstile..
Scent of incense
Like the soul of the night,a jeweled zephyr trails the quietude..
Argent misted, transcending dark..embellishing shadows dancing like
wraiths in the languid tawny gloom.
Moonlight thoughts
Clouds airbrush 
the moon.
The stridulation of crickets and hoo-hoo-hoooo of owls fill the 
nocturnal space like pantomimic gestures of vocalists.
My breath revels in scents of silver crested blossoms..
I feel the sketch of eternity in time's evanescence..
I listen....


Hot summer

Dances in
Her golden robe
Bees brew nectar, butterflies pollinate
While meadows paint themselves bright and sunny
I sit under
The blue sky



Eternity feels empty
Maybe man will leave
Nothing for infinity
Only graves
From a raped culture
And a law that that
Tortures the victim
Even as death acts like
a catalyst.
When earth takes back its own
Before its due time
When mud turns red
With grime and blood
And bullets and shrapnel and chlorine is
War of the power, by the power, for the power
Where each flower drowns in the grease of oil
Green is the devil..

#Slam poetry


I drown in the darkness
of night's quietude...
looking for the Hologorium
in the inky empyrean
stars awaken one by one
as Iridium flares sparkle
like rhinestones holding
vintage kisses ....draping
merlot misted nightfall.

in night's waltz 
sublime musings bloom
as candle drips on paper notes
in eclipse of light
poesies become eternal
when breaths say goodbye....

Just a dream

When a poet is broken
All the words have been spoken.
When pages have been shredded
And ink drained and wetted.
And when the heart stumbled
With words I fumbled.
When things don't feel right
Sadness one cannot fight.
Sometimes the tears don't fall
One needs a shoulder to bawl.
I dip my pen in the inkwell of my blood
Wait for the words to break free and flood.
Opening the floodgates of my heart
And see the sorrow flow and depart.
Then I realize it's all been a dream
Things are just not the way they seem.


when verses haunt the
hidden heartbeat of my psyche
lamenting to be written
soul's celestial wisdom
becoming an elixir rush
unfurling a tryst
searching for that inner peace
then, the aloneness of being
becomes poetry.