As I lay bleeding from inside, they walk all over me 
Their footprints locked in my blood’s captivity .

My hands are empty, I have lost all my words
The pages in my book whisper, their screams go unheard.

I can no longer see or feel my dreams
still, my dreams reach out to me , give me self esteem.

Dreams taken from me, lost along the way
I still feel them, I know they won’t betray.

I cling to my quill and feel it’s comfort
when I scribe, my thoughts are comfortably versed.

I will not let the ink dry on my soul
my subconscious hope will always console.

Stargazing – A Pleiades

Sweeping me off my feet
Starry eyed, I gaze at the
Sojourn of lustrous stars
Surfing the empyrean
Saturating air with stardust
Streaking the celestial
Scintillating the nova

Spectacle galactic
Spinning inky aether
Spellbinding gravity
Stringing the Big Dipper
Shimmering Milky Way
Stunning, dazzling me as
Shooting stars wish me well.

# Pleiades

The Poetry Of Me

I undo everything that holds me together 
unravel this ache
my soul’s longing
I inhale and exhale the
ancient fire burning my skin
I bathe in the constellations cosmic energy
to touch the glowing sun
ignite every nerve
to burn the scars in my mind to heal me
my heart a mix of falling tears
dreams take me home like
a flood of thunder
a lightening of rhythm and rhyme
in the chaos of white violets
I embrace me
the timelessness of breathing in the new alive

I write to be reborn
in melting timelines
into arias of sweet nothings
I break and wake to the laws of survival
breathing in luminescent blooms
that trace fragrance of lifelines

poetry terrifies me with its honesty …… I still write anyway

my sky fills with stars ..


grammar anima 
maniac rant in a mint tarmac
art racing in an antic act
a gamin cat
a gamin rat
Martian in a train mating a gnat.
I grin!

tic tac tic tac ting ring ting ring
an anagram mantra
aria magic rating a magma
migrant in a tram
cramming a cigar
in a giant gamma arc
tiara in a mart
mic tag in it
rain ramming catamaran
man in tragic gait
carting a cam can maim a nit, a nag in a car
arming a tangram
magnetic grit
carat amarant
Anagrammatic .

Life Is

Many things in life don’t make sense 
if you question life, it takes offense
‘call it fate’ life says in its defence
most times it’s at your sanity’s expense
living life has become a pretence
life throws a curveball nonetheless
you still pick up the pieces and commence
because ‘hope’ is something that life invents
give it time, says life, no more laments
life is something that time represents
like an hourglass in destiny’s events
slipping through one’s fingers, nonetheless
I can’t figure out life, I must confess
maybe I have missed the point of life’s intent.