White Fire

In icy blue twilight 
Lily-white clouds glide
To a moon-kissed skyline
The hemisphere of
White satin snow

Crystal fire
Pearly frosted
In my eyes
I breathe into the air-
Ivory bleached
In a sunless
Alabaster laced treescape -
Icicle chandeliers glow.


You carry silver stars in your hair 
I love the feel of your hair on my fingers bare

I see the whole universe in the depth of your eyes 
You leave me breathless, my soul soars to the skies.

Your skin radiant like sunlight on meadow
Where I bask in the warmth of your inherent glow.

Your smile, the charisma of a promise untold
Sparking the air like sparkling gold.

Your voice soft in its gentleness
Falling like whisper upon my skin
Leaving my senses on a roller coaster spin.

Your quill spins a spell
A spelling from the soul
The embrace of imagination
In the creation of poetry.

# Lyric