I Wandered Lonely As A Leaf

The wind flew me high up in the air
I could see clouds all white and fair.

I was a tiny leaf that took the fall
Autumn had made me brown and small.

I missed being on that great oak
I think I was on that branch that broke.

Then I fell into a gurgling brook
Got caught in a little nook.

There used to be spring in my leafy step
Summer’s ardour is now at a low ebb.

I am no longer a leaf that is green and spry
I miss gazing at the great turquoise sky.

Dear people, know that leaves are the many reasons
For all of these happening seasons.

A Falling Star

I am a falling star fading into 
a wish lost in aether
all that remains of me
is stardust carried by a zephyr
luminescence flickers through me
weightless like a falling star
I drift into reverie…..


One night I chanced upon the Milky Way 
To trod heaven’s superhighway
It was a celestial sight
Astral bright
Luminous Orion
Darkness enliven
A beautiful moon enticed
The tides to sway
constellations array
Big Dipper rides
Empyrean enshrined
Like a flame thrower
Starry power
Etches a vignette
Shining croquette
Cosmic enigma
Celestial charisma

I walk the darkness a celestial traveller
My feet meander beneath the sparkling sky
In the amber glow of falling eventide
The night comes softly on moonflowers
The wind touches me gently
Coming from the universe’s inside
Wrapping me in nectar sweetness.


the sound of rain
on the sea
foghorn lights up
tides curve the
lighthouse path

rain swings over earth
going into the soil
nourishing, awakening
to push touch roots to blossom
taking and making into creation

a silver fountain of
vanilla constellations
waltz out of sight

I dream in a rainy sky.

On The Cutting Board

Said the cutting board to the knife 
When you do your chop chop
All the veggies go drop drop
Cut up to be curried
In no way hurried
Steamed, stir fried
Pickled or dried
All nutrients supplied
On farmers relied
When the sky opened up cried
The soil that crumbled n died
lived and freshened and happily sighed

When the veggies went under the knife
to be skinned and chopped
they became a gourmet delight
making digestion alright.