The Language Of Silence

Silence is a language that needs no words.

39 thoughts on “The Language Of Silence

  1. Yassy, I really love this and I can relate to this. I use to get writers block long time ago. But, that all went away by reading poetry and Nietzsche.

    Here’s something for you to get your inspiration flowing.

    Saul Williams Coded Language on Def Jam Poetry

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  2. I am sending you my muse and a ton of love. I prescribe some meditation and a reminder that we are not in a race. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the words to come, as long as we can be patient in waiting on them. The silence is simply a moment of rest, not the end of the song! Stay well, stay confidant, and stay motivated. ❤❤❤

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    1. Nooo, don’t send me her , you just got her .. enjoy your muse but I so appreciate your generosity. I like your chivalry.
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and wisdom , Brad. That’s what I truly need. You are a good friend to have around. Much love to you and yours 🤗

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