The Birds’ Path

The bird carries

A poem

To the trees..

104 thoughts on “The Birds’ Path

  1. When reading your poem the bird that came to mind is the high altitude Mountain bluebird (faithful companions here in the forest where I live). I imagined that little mister discovering a small slip of paper on the forest floor with your poem on it. The thought of that creature ferrying your micro-poem to a high branch where he and his bride were building a nest was awesome! 👏

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    1. You live in the midst of nature, that is so fantastic! No wonder, your comment is so poetic.
      Ah! I see you breathe pure air. I can imagine you living amongst the grandeur of mountains and trees and the sound of a brook gurgling in your ears .
      I am going to google your little fella here.
      Thank you, Laura.

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  2. Wonder I (Eye?) which/ is mistress of form and flight?/ Look above!
    What a wonderful combination, Yassy. Slowly scanning downward through the clouds the solitary beat steals breath. (with work the last might launch a double ‘ku to you…so, ‘scues whilst I transcribe for further reflection. I go, grinning.

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      1. Only my sad due to you m’dear Lady. Write past the world, you do. (even if it’s prepositional sentence-death. I’ve been away far three-long. Must go beat rain into my submission – and if not then tote water in buckets to thirsty garden which silent suffers my woebegotten battle with a flyghty bed which feels the wind coursing above. When I read you, Yassy, and some but few others I feel compelled to scribble and hope I can collect the curls and cue and turn them wordishly.

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      2. Shall I be flip(pant?) and say: Throw Harder!. But, no. I miss you three! So, There. I miss most having the time to peruse your work and find absolutely not an ounce of marvel over how much you draw – as is your worth to so many of us. But I have a large batch of mine own to tran(sub, some might say)scribe: a couple maybe worth a gander. We have bouncing East- and West-Coast seabreezes almost overhead. Oh, well, Friday happens if it comes to that. See you, Lady Yasmin!

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