my moment of incarnation

I have not given up
the courage to dream
and yet, I have succumbed
to the confines of fate..
I surrender to the fragility of life’s marrow
to keep the continuity of ignition.
The pen is my compass
I sharpen my quill
On my heart’s edge.
Raw, organic, potent, filaments
lines tumbling across
oceans, seas, continents
a telepathic inevitability
as wavelengths of syllables
forge an intuitive consciousness
pushing through times’s barriers…
communion of distances
blend into a silence
of love’s solace..

and then

I reach inside my dreams
and find your soul drifting alongside mine
we dissolve into
a mesmerizing fusion
unleashing desires
into a torrent
that seeps into a
replenished cadence.

#vers libre

61 thoughts on “my moment of incarnation

  1. your thoughts are amazing. yes, we are fragile, yet, there is tremendous potential. the internet has brought us so much closer. our thoughts can span the globe and affect mass consciousness as we share parts of lives. we realize we are not all so different in our basic aspirations.

    who knows, perhaps real peace between people can break out as we share the world, enjoy it and appreciate each other with our many perspectives. then a fusion of good will and beauty can spread worldwide among peoples all over. it is benevolent minds and hearts who can make this possible. Thank you for your thoughts and words and the pictures they paint.

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    1. I am so happy to hear from you, you have expressed so beautifully what we all hope for. Yes, come to think of it, we are all so similar , that we all dream the same dream , I am so happy I know you and everyone on WP , I cannot say what an enriching experience it is e eryday and every minute. Can’t thank you enough Eby.


      1. Thank you yassy. i have started a reply to you twice now but have not been able to finish it either time. i appreciate your comments here and your work and wanted you to know that. Thank you again.

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  2. read a couples of poems and liked the one incarnation, I like the idea of us recycling and also shedding skins as ourselves in this life, feel like i’m leaving the hell realms or underworlds yadedadeda,

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