my hammock

Cocooned in a turquoise shell
A gossamer cradle soothes
Lulling to a reverie
In nature’s arms I lie curled

33 thoughts on “my hammock

      1. Common Yassy, you know what they talk about, pllus I think is pretty good music the Irish, Amrican Irish in this case, what type of music you would like to hear, that way you can show my other type of music

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  1. Yashkan – you steal from my blog on the politics for Zuma and you think I do not know it – well there will be war later when I have time but know this – first time is right and you have a timing problem you cannot solve – the interlude between you finding and you sending is one thing but I have already sent the link to Albert Lithulli House which is a problem you cannot solve, months ago! dammit. i.e. they are RSS while you send to the press in South Africa like a fool but I have solved it today with this – a number of e-mails to the Sowetan which you like don’t you? since you are racist and don’t know the black press – well I do and they LIKE me. Bye!

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  2. I found the like button!!! I just had to keep clicking here and there. Honestly, going from device to laptop, to my hosted site to JetPack, there doesn’t seem be be any consistency. I guess if I can’t find what I am looking for, I will just have to keep clicking. Probably a life lesson there.

    Anyways, thanks for visiting my site, too.

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