Pitch black night, glowworms in flight
Hither, thither they fly, so blithe, so light

Lighting up the darkness, to my delight.
The flying beetles thrill me outright.

Emanating bioluminescence cold light
A panacea for my sore eyesight.

I follow the lightening bugs in the night
nature’s luminescent flashlights

Elysian night lit with radiance infinite
night breath torched with blazing spright..

33 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Makes my want to punch holes in an old-style metal jar lid that used to keep captured mayonnaise and go find a nearby fallow field between many treelines: set up a chaise lounge, a cooler and a heater soup, sandwiches and something brisk to drink, and watch the unexpected shooting star as I either troll, open jar in hand in search of beetles going boingboing with cold light – to be released before morn – or await their attendance on me…and whether if allowed a small collapsible firepit upon which to scorch marshmallows as I become seven again forever. Thanks, Yassy: I shall have a tough time uninvoking your imagry, as should be!

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