All is not lost

Devil came down from hell’s land
wanted a man to play his hand.

Evil, bad, and ugly
found one who fit the bill perfectly.

God deposed Satan’s underhand.

21 thoughts on “All is not lost

  1. Not quite so sure, your Yassyship (as to the opening comment), though I agree the poem is lyrically taut – if such may be applied in an unusual case -and well-crafted. I particularly enjoyed the juxtapositioning of Devil “came down from Hell’s land” in contravention from many if not most popular religious- and secular-designated directions; the middle couplet’s end-rhyme is charming, yet made more-so by the thematic reinforcement of similarly disharmoniously juxtaposed “Evil, bad, and ugly” with the second line’s “perfectly,” qualities one might find difficult to weigh equally.
    And you carried the ball marvelously across the goal there. The final line does what I think many if not most good – and even great – poetry accomplishes: leaves a large banquet of meaning yet to be discovered, digested and delighted. Thanks for the wonderful wakeup this morning!
    As to my opening comment: you and Louis well might infer opprobrium from me: nothing is further from the case! His commentary on the works lyricism is spot-on. I just still find a few scraps of understanding upon which to gnaw, meaning-wise. The “underhand,” for example: a reference to the directional disparity at the start? A reference to the man playing the hand? Satan’s oft-declared departure from his Angel of Light origins? Both? All three…or more? A reinforcement of “Evil, bad, and ugly”? I get Louis’ “spot on,” and it is. But for me it is spotted all over the place, and that “disturbance” is what I use to chart my way through any work of art. And you, young lady, have crafted, for, me a wickedly good work.

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