shoe talk

His sneakers would squeal on him if they could talk
Groaning under his weight as he took a walk
They felt all worn out
Carrying a man so stout
He went places where he shouldn’t have been
Them shoes, literally let out a scream
So they gave him shoe bites, sore toes
Adding to his list of woes
They stuck evidence on his sole
He fought barefoot to salvage his soul.

7 thoughts on “shoe talk

  1. Shoe-bites: how novel and suggestive – I now have a companion ailment for my blister-rubbings to keep me balanced. Thanks, kind lady. Must hurry to see what Shawn is up to. For mayhem I will take MMA, but nothing beats the Church of Professional Theatre-Wrestling for everyman cautionary tales told by imaginative dancers.

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      1. It forces me to wash more frequently than is my sometimes wont – and brushing hair is a self-love reflexive delight during which time I host arguments with that mirror-madness who can’st compare with me. I had shorter hair in high school than the Marines required…and sometimes I miss the Dial-soap shampoo routines and the forty-seven second showers. Still toying with the unshedding of manes – for forward and back – and a return to the fold…for one exact day. Shaving hurts and cultivates a rash below the jaw I find most annoying.

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