My love for you is there to stay 
It drenches me all through the day.

I loved you long before you loved me
Loving you just came to me so easy.

I loved you all through the years
I hold you in my heart like a souvenir.

You bring the stars out in the nights’ hours
I pluck them, wear them in my hair like flowers.

My love for you will never fade
Forever on my mind, when I sleep, when I wake.

I stain my page with your name
I dream of you, my dream you became.

I can go on in this poem about you
Because this is a love I cannot subdue.

70 thoughts on “Unsubdued

      1. I’d not heard of Maya Angelou so I checked online. She is most interesting. A civil rights activist. I’m going to research some more. Thanks for telling me about her ~ George

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      1. It’s getting crazier where I live too..looks like ‘normal ‘ is going to take a long time to come back , the way things are shaping up .
        I am glad you are doin good. Stay safe. Be well my dear Carly.
        I am doin the best I can under the circumstances 💕🙏🏼🤗

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