Lips Wide Shut

Once there was a girl who got her lips stick
Accidentally she used glue stick instead of chapstick
She couldn't open her mouth to eat or shout
She could only make gestures that seemed so loud
Her behavior bordered on slapstick.

# limerick

109 thoughts on “Lips Wide Shut

  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    Ahah: chrotle, chortly (and one very well put forth guffaw.
    So great to read from you, Yasmin. “Juice” (Bruce Clay Jewett) came online just the other day. So two of the halves of my third – and growing – world are coming about so nicely. Zoolon, too! I am so more-than-glad. And your stick-slap scored a goal! Loud and Shoutedly so!

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      1. longerishly story: have been on but for one hour per day – biblioteca rules which keeps computer area mostly empty…so I garden, cook, grouse, read, re-read and miss you and your wit and words terribly. Longer version as soon as the “masks” come off and sanity returns. Unless of course some elements decide to have a “peaceful” protest…none expected in these precincts, however.

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      2. When total tally tells 1918 vis-a-vis 2019-20, do we really have a numerically ascertained PanDemic? What we have in my hardly-ever-humble opinion is areal nasty flu that may or may not have been deliberately allowed to flee Wuhan, China for Europe and The Americas via commercial air carriers while Red Chinese WigsOfBig closed off interior flights…not necessarily proof but sure smells like lack of innocence. Be That…what we have here is opportunity (a wonderful ideogram much like the one depicting two women under one roof) and I am unconvinced the less scrupulous of of already have not seized for their own individual- or mas-purposes. Sorry. The sermon ran long today. Still, there will be no collection. Love, J

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