The World Of Poets

As poets we have learned not to hate
Theories of race, religion we cannot relate.
A poet cannot be dictated to
We write what our hearts hold true.
From across the globe, we come to share
Joys, sorrows, burdens we bare
We are here today, gone tomorrow
Life is but a time that we borrow
Sharing thoughts, experiences
On a platform that gives new meaning
Learning to listen, learning to give
The tolerance of learning to forgive.
One cannot change the world with poetry
Writing a poem is a feat extraordinary
I think the written word is a thing of beauty
Where sensibilities find sanctuary 
The world of poets is a fine place
Here poets orbit as stars in the Milky Space.

117 thoughts on “The World Of Poets

  1. As a poet I am very delighted to read this… thank you fellow poet!

    β€œ Enjoy the view
    A poet shares
    They’re letters to you
    From souls that care”


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    1. Thank you very much , Paula .
      Thank you for being here with me in my journey of poetic discovery.
      I cherish the letters that you share soul and spirit are emotionally stirred.

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  2. Stunningly good poem, Yasmin. It made me think. Art, poetry, music, whatever, can send the world in the right direction, but only those with a functional brain can react to that. With Idiots, religious maniacs and racists, art can never change anything. Great work ~ George

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    1. You are right about that, George.
      It’s still is and will continue to be a dysfunctional world but I am sure music will not go in vain one day. You remind me of the Pied Piper .. you perhaps will be able to change ..Yasmin.

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      1. Slurp slurp πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‹ you are an awesome cook , ah delicate fragrant of warmth floating around in here .. the warmth of a beautiful pot.


  3. Beautifully penned yaskhan!

    But one thing i couldn’t agree is that

    “Poets Cannot change the world”

    We have that power too..

    Poets write out their hearts inside out
    And Right the way the world treads..

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  4. Love this all over again: “We write what our hearts hold true.
    From across the globe, we come to share
    Joys, sorrows, burdens we bare”–love you too, little Sweetie ❀

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  5. A beautiful description of the world of words for the poet. I love the form and conversational style. Anyone who has spent hours wrestling with a verse will understand and appreciate your well chosen words. Great piece, Yasmin! πŸ’–

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  6. This is lovely. I love the line “where sensibilities find sanctuary” it is like an Ars Poetica. Well said! I am new to sharing my poetry on word press and would love it if you check me out when you get a moment and let me know what you think.

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