Born Again

Golden tapestry of dawn’s loveliness…a lucent glow of morning bliss

Sun toasts the earth to tan-rousing cuddled eyelids , feeling the moistened kiss of morning dew.

Leaves flutter like braids on an indulgent wind under a sky embroidered with crystalline clouds…

Satin ribbon of a zephyr traces rouge on cheeks to playfully trace the hem of my dress as I step on lush of grass –feeling the interludes of sunlight’s warmth…

Chorus of velvet madness beguiles senses as wings fling themselves on blooms and trees, trilling chimes from dainty throats– their beaks twirling on fragrance as buds unfurl ….

And the earth and air are born again.

72 thoughts on “Born Again

  1. As a new day rises in glory, the beauty of the rebirth of new days couldn’t have been done more lovelier. Your words capture more than essence my friend, they capture the heart. Beautifully written as each verse brought the images with it.🌹

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    1. Just hopped over to your page. It gets better and better, love becomes you , Jo.
      Thank you for your superlative comment! Always makes me feel on top of the world. Thank you Roy. Take good care.

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      1. A million thanks for your visit Yassy, that always makes my day❀️.
        Your words and this post puts you where you belong, on top of the world my friend!🌏. Great writing!!

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    1. I am dreamer, that is true
      They stop me from feeling blue
      From Nothing
      To Everything
      That is what dreams are made of
      Dreams are made of imagination
      Poetry’s fascination
      Mr.Nothing spills inspiration!
      Thank you 😊

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  3. “Like” as a comment-choice does not – cannot – convey the appreciation, the gratitude and the joy this – among so many other of your writings, not to mention your many personal notes of congratulations, encouragements and just plain goodness good to read from you again – which you share with so many and sundry. Thanks has to go on steroids to convey enough, Lady Yassy.

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