Celestial Sax

  • Ruby moon;
  • A purple sky folds into stars-
  • Heartbeat of a turquoise twilight

  • In the blue coolness of an acoustic air…holding rhythms in the starlit touch of a gentle night- where dreams are tucked in a starship —awakening evensong of shimmering shooting comets…
  • A luminous Milky Way blazes into my eyes.
  • Neutron stars burst on Spring Tides… a moon-blanched beach glimmers on wisps of cerulean waves…
  • I feel the breath flow from my soul… caressed by a mystic, iridescent magnetic moon.
  • 51 thoughts on “Celestial Sax

    1. Ayahuasca,
      an ancient psychedelic brew made from a vine, a South American Liana, long been used by the people of the Amazon rainforest.
      It requires some mental and physical preparation and often makes you vomit before subjecting you to hours of psychedelic introspection. Quite a business now for Shaman’s and imposters in the Amazon Basin, especially Peru, who perform the ceremony/sessions. Many travel there from all over the world to retreat and seek clarity and direction in life and change their consciousness and emotions.

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    2. The Internet is abuzz with Ayahuasca, just like with DMT and magic mushrooms.
      No, I have not taken it. I know people who did, are still alive, some seemingly permanently changed for their better, others richer in experience but not altogether transformed.

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