golden twilight

Golden interlude;A star goes downIn a bruised skylineBroken by the heartache Of a dying day

64 thoughts on “golden twilight

  1. beautiful sunset. have you noticed the 4 planets lined up across the southern sky the past few months? right after sunset you can see Venus bright and white closest to the horizon left of where the sun set. After it darkens more you can see Jupiter above Venus to the left some more. Then looking south and to the east and higher in the sky Mars is bright and orangish. then after it is fairly dark you can see Saturn about an equal distance between Mars and Jupiter. Saturn is not as bright as the others but still clearly visible.

    I have been watching it each evening over the past months. Mars was about as bright as it gets a month ago. it is starting to fade some now. I don’t recall all 4 being lined up and that bright before. The moon was dancing with them this past month too as it did it’s move across the sky. a few nights ago the moon was close to Mars. Then the past 2 nights there has been a big full moon after sunset to make it even more gorgeous out.

    i have been pointing out the planets to people when i am out walking. it is very impressive the way they form an arch across the sky. No one i told had realized it before i pointed it out. very beautiful.

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      1. i have had a couple people walk with me a few times before. i am off the path and in the weeds and water though. so if they do not have protective clothing i prefer to walk alone. i saw a copperhead a month ago just a couple feet away from me as it was getting dark. i always worry about anyone who comes down to the water where i am.

        plus the bugs can be horrible some times. i wear canvas gloves and even a hat with a net over my head when the bugs are biting. not many people have the temperament to put up with all that. when i get a bug bite it can last for days so i try hard to avoid getting bit. i love being out there but respect the danger lurking about and take precautions. so i go it alone since no one is willing to go to all that trouble to be safe in the brush and water. .

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      2. i have to show you last nights. it was incredible with a look i had not seen before. the color on the water was brand new. rich dark red.

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      3. i put them on my site. i am going back to doing individual pictures again instead of multiple ones per post. i was trying to save people clicks.

        when you go to my homepage you can simply page down forever and see whatever i have out there. since no one does that i am going back to single images which is easier for me.

        do a search on evyoniy or evyoniy and then just click on the big evyoniy at the top of any post. then you are on the homepage where everything is at.

        i wont put them in your comments since you can’t see them there anyhow. sorry about that.

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      4. i honestly try to keep the pictures as accurate as possible with the color and light. i check them constantly while taking them making adjustments to make sure they match what i am seeing.

        that is important to me since it is not about the picture as much as the sunset. when i am watching them it often astounds me which is what i want the pictures to convey as much as possible.

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      5. i actually had company last night. a friend was walking her dog and came down to the water to watch with me. what a treat it was for both of us.

        it is always nice when you get to share the best ones with someone. i was happy she saw it from my perspective while we talked.

        most of the best ones i have to myself because they are after a storm goes through and everyone is inside.

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  2. then last night a bobcat posed for me. i was walking across a walking bridge and the bobcat was walking along next to the bridge below me. i got about 8 pics before it wandered off. i think it was a female but am not sure. she was very pretty. should i post one here?

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      1. Thank you so much! I really value your praise. Thank you for reading JanBeek. I’ve been blogging on this site since 2012, but only recently am learning to grow readership. It feels good to know I’m not just writing into blank space!

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