Faucets in the sky

dark rain clouds now fill the blue sky
hiding the sullen sun behind
even as he comes out to try
to melt the ice buttress outlined.

the sky is just waiting to burst,
even as thunder rolls, lightening strikes
quenching thirst as nature is nursed
drenching well enough to suffice.

faucets have opened in the sky
misting the air with crystal drops
shimmering like icicle pops
splattering, moistening soil still dry.

dribbling into gurgling brooklets
splashing merrily on rocks and ponds
tracing small, tiny rivulets
bridges, archways betwixt dewy fronds.

i feel the soothing pureness pour
over my skin, into my soul
rejuvenating to restore
freshness of spirit as a whole.

93 thoughts on “Faucets in the sky

      1. I think it’s easy to be nice to a person like you. You are good , my instinct tells me so and also my interaction with you. You are one hell of a great gal. I think i just met a soul sister, a kindred spirit.
        I remember the movie Ice Princess. Somehow I associate that with you , maybe cus you live in Alaska. Lol hahahahaha πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ˜€

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  1. This was amazingly refreshing and beautiful. Only you can make rain more gorgeous than it already is Yassy. That is what I’m reminded of, each line, each verse and each saturating sentence left readers satisfied with a lovely sensation from your work.🌹

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      1. Your warmth and sunlight is a bonus my friend, you’re to good to us🌹🌹
        It’s my pleasure, your words are amazing Yassy, the demand attention and when they are read, they pull you in not only verbally but visually too. You are awesome🌹🌹

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  2. during the drenching downpour. see the dragon fly. it hung out with me for a few minutes. i have many pictures of it hovering a couple feet away. maybe it was wondering, who is this nut out in the pouring rain.

    the sky looked like it may open up to the north for sunset, so i could not leave. a memorable time either way. not easy keeping the camera dry.

    beautiful poem describing the heavy rain. did the dragonfly tell?

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      1. here is a picture of it with the flash. it did not even scurry off after the flash pictures. you cannot see the patterns on the water with the flash though. beautiful creature for sure. they buzz by me all the time but this one stayed right with me in the rain for some reason.

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      2. This is beautiful. I think nature has an affinity with you. They are not scared of you, that says a lot. You are a child of mommy nature.
        He is a pretty fella. I say hi 😊 oh! You are so lucky. Eby, thank you girl. You sharing this means so so so much to me.


      3. check this dude out. i ran into him just a little while after the dragonfly adventure. he was quite a ways out in the water when i noticed him. he kept swimming towards me on the water. i had a hard time backing away quick enough in the mud. i did not want him getting in my boots.

        he followed me to the water edge and then rested on the mud. i guess he was trying to find some land. never saw one like that before. i have no idea what it is but it was very big. if you don’t want that picture in your comments you can delete the comment. i won’t mind. he gives me the chills. but such pretty green eyes. almost lovable.

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