scent of a goodbye

dying colors of the day
as blossoms fall at twilight
fragrance of bruised petals
the scent of a goodbye.


50 thoughts on “scent of a goodbye

  1. Love the imagery you create with the “fragrance of bruised petals” being “the scent of goodbye”.
    The way I interpret it, and if I’m close then it’s something I believe, that, there is a certain beauty in the way things come to an end just like there is love in letting go as well. No?

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  2. WOW!
    “fragrance of bruised petals
    the scent of a goodbye”

    Seriously brought a tear to my eye.
    My first 2 inspired by yours, the others been in my archives since December 2016

    made me feel lonely sad night
    read loved and reread again
    loneliness beat a shout heard
    my wife not asleep
    dusk settingsun goodbye day
    dark clouds fly dappling moonlight
    shadows dance to subtle base
    natures orchestras
    frantic gasps voice begging help
    inadequate attendants
    forlorn now long drawn-out breaths
    stranded whale lays dead
    bird cherries not yet in bloom
    awaiting spring winter still holds
    feed the birds keeps them happy
    flu still prevailing

    My first WP published dodoitsu, still not sure?

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    1. That made me cry. Yes , these dodoitstsus are fabulous, you can turn your hand to anything , and very good at it. Hope you posted , will check. Regards to the missus ! Thank you for writing Mick.

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      1. Aw! I do all the time, in fact I have to take a walk, night or day, just so I don’t upset anybody else. Again thank you for your kind supportive words, and yes posted, thanks again,


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