warrior words

Like an odyssey
Words rendezvous into a
renaissance to purge
The synsthesization of
Paranoid innuendos,

Woes morph into life’s
Unending blasphemies that
Taint, purity is
Sent spiralling into a
Storm of mental disarray.

The outpouring —
Words press themselves into the
Pages of a book.

42 thoughts on “warrior words

  1. This is very moving. I love how your poetry condenses how I feel so easily. When you say paranoid innuendos…ugh, it’s my life in so many ways. It’s why I turned to writing in the first place, it was always what I wanted to do… I remembered reading how Stephen King battled his demons in writing, so that’s kind of where I’ve tried to be, thinking that as I battled that, I would see the beauty. Your poem, here, shows me again and again, that it is always both, never one or the other. In one read, I could feel afraid and in another, I could feel hopeful. Thank you for this, and happy valentine’s day

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