in the wordless silence
that slides like silk
through a nomadic night

the night takes no pause
in the delirium of slumber
dreams percolate fragility
of subconscious
elderberry inked sonants
evaporate into a
mildewed sky that props up
a lychee peeled moon..

I pick cereus blooms for you
and wonder, what of the tides?

57 thoughts on “wordless

  1. a lychee peeled moon
    not a genius leave the room
    Yasmin your staying
    amazing replies
    your legacy be proud
    hark moon speaks thank you
    fruit two you mentioned
    tasty flavoured juices
    drink their thanks

    wonder of the night
    live your dream make it come true
    percolated gold

    Bis morgen byeeee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the lychee. We got fresh figs In the winter and march is lychee time , I can’t wait 😊. Do you love mangoes! Thank you for writing in , always look forward to your views 😘


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