A Soul Awakened

Love stirred something deep within my soul
As my quintessence became a whole
bringing heart, soul, body together
Feeling life’s tender touch, soft as a feather.

I learned to dream again, as love drew
Me out of myself, helping me through
Never letting go, clasping my hand
Encircling me with warmth of love’s wand.

Dormant yearnings awakening
Racy emotions, heart’s quickening
Urging me to bliss of dreams again
All the heartache would not go in vain.

Scintillating verve with Utopia’s flame
Burning to revitalize, proclaim
Destiny’s triumph through soul’s rebirth
A soul unfettered flying this earth.

I spill my heart out on this paper
sensations from my bosom whisper
Soul’s arousal kindles rhapsody
poesy stimulates radiancy..

against the wall

life struggles
as fingers round throat
bestows life
yet again
and the body
takes punches
pain pounds flesh
skin grimaces
red blotches
wreak havoc
tears dry

Finding Matsuo Basho

Japanese poetry has always fascinated me. I literally
slave over my haiku, most times I hate what I write..
After a lot of mind bashing, a little bit of a semblance of
haiku comes out, if I dare to call it that..
Today, I was delighted to find comments on my short poems
posted yesterday and the day before and the day before.
These comments are nothing but the best haiku I ever read on WP.
Cheers to our very own Haiku Master, Mick E Talbot

The first poem is mine and the one below is the haiku of Mick.

my meditation
the night meditates-
in the seclusion of my mind
I dream of Adonis.

Mick’s haiku
I dream of Venus
blinding beauty reaching out
Goddess of love.

The moon rises
The moon rises through
nocturnal scents
tall trees guard night blossoms
stars gaze
I sit in the darkness
listening to the sound
of crickets..

Mick’s haiku
watch the moon tonight
earth shadow shakes it down
a snow moon myth.

A cold february sky
a cold february sky
I grieve into the
mountain’s shadow.

Mick’s haiku
cold february
winter still holds the reigns
spring birds begging.

my window to the sky
a frame of heaven-
sky walking the universe
suspended in peace..

Mick’s haiku
more peaceful than earth
distant galaxies who knows
unanswered questions..

A little dedication to Matsuo Basho, Kobayahsi Issa,
Yosa Buson,Masaoka Shiki, Kato Shuson,
Natsume Soseki, Murakami Kijo, Shushiki,
Tan Taigi, Hokushi, Hasin.

A baby’s perspective

I seem to have outgrown my birthday suit
I used to love the feel of my own skin
I was soft and tender like a new root
My stark nakedness brought me disrepute
Trying to clothe me, mom in hot pursuit
Pampers round my hips irritated me
Sometimes I would be drenched in my potty
The Johnson people asked me to model
Unclothed for a baby powder ditty
My soft baby voice going full throttle.