pseudo smiles
naked thoughts
tongues can’t hold
half truths
a subterfuge of truth
lies reinvented
by misogynist hypothesis
the misguided complacent
live in cliches
set by narcissist society
norms pandering
to secondary emotions of
a power order manifestation
A Machiavellianistic persuasion
where enlightenment is torched
a humanity living
a pretentious clique
sacred is gone..

41 thoughts on “behest

  1. This is so poignant. I really like how simple it is. You take all the hatred and poison out there and distill it into such powerful words. There is a part of me that honestly has a bit of a headache, because you captured my feelings so well. All the feelings I’ve been kind of holding in and repressing, because it just seems easier than talking about it. Actually, if anything, maybe I just feel like a hypocrite. I’m so screwed up, so how can I complain about how screwed up everything else is? Not sure if that makes sense. Thank you for such a beautiful poem, you really got me firing this morning.

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    1. My frustration came out ! Glad you understand, I can’t go out fighting , I can only write and that is the helplessness of it all. There is nothing that anyone can do.everything is so bloody damn screwed up I feel like screaming. Let’s kick ass , shall we?

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      1. Kick ass and take names! Have you ever read Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton? I have found her very inspirational…she says the true definition of woman is Love Warrior, and that when it gets harder to love, you have to love more. That’s honestly where my focus has been trying to remain, because it seems so logical. To me, kicking ass is owning it. Yes, I’m screwed up, and No you will not tear me down! I’m right there with you, and sending a lot of love your way! This world is too damn illogical for my over-loaded brain.

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      2. I think I should read that book. That is so true, what she says. Wow. Things are falling in place , where have you been? I need someone just like you , can talk any damn thing I want without being judged. My brain is so bloody over loaded I am forgetting mundane things. I feel asphyxiated lol. I thing WP is oxygen . Please don’t stop talking.

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      3. Ahhh!!! Yay!!! Got the butterflies Yasmine!! Yes, please, read her book. She is on Facebook too, she helps SO MUCH. She speaks of the worldly issues that are (frankly too overwhelming for me to deal with right now) and just makes it simple – LOVE, we belong to each other. I belong to you, you belong to me. My family belongs to each other (regardless of the circumstances of our separation/divorce) we are all one, beautiful loving family. I would never, ever, ever judge you. You and I share many of the same feelings and thoughts and fears. Have you read Kait King on here? She’s a godsend as well!

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  2. Poignant indeed! I hope I make you smile, laugh even!

    an intellect
    beyond reaching out explosive
    watch out for shrapnel

    not a hat that bares my size
    shamed i am of man

    a gigolo
    inventing love no trust lies
    can that go both ways

    i’ve been where hurt lives
    living with lies i’ve tried
    no more – true love found

    i reject race
    we all bleed red we are one
    millennia blind

    still battles fought but why
    instigators behind lines
    innocents will die

    refuges built for who
    the rich and those who govern so
    those exploited too

    unless we can accept
    learn from a vehement past
    peace the only way

    for you Yasmin
    your new friend Dana go kick butts
    let them know ladies

    man the stud
    women what men desire
    so very wrong

    Go on kick ass!!!

    Hugs of reassurance.


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      1. Love your humour, what make you think, (especially after reading all my posts on the need for peace etc.), that I would advocate any form of violence, for whatever reasons, (defence of my family, and myself, and if I thought I could help out in certain situations, like someone being bullied yes) other than any of afore mention, definitely not! So metaphorically speaking, go kick some butts! Yeah!

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      1. I have an open mind, I seek inspiration in all manner of things, and your poetry does just that, well more worthy of accolades alone. Keep writing and, as already, if I find it inspires me, I will let you know first, not just by virtue of a pingback. What I write does inspire me to seek perfection in the, well yes, the written word, but even more so in the Japanese poetry formats, like the haiku, which can convey so much in so few words. I also find the discipline in staying within the guidelines re. syllables, and much more, challenging and so pleasing when I get it right. The fact that other folk also enjoy my work is an added bonus, and an inspirational motive to keep going.

        my heart leaks words
        randomly seeking order
        no bloggers safe


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