Waltzing through air, this vision with beguiling delicate grace
Like a danseuse figure, poised, carving delicate grace.

A breeze gently embraces this fragile creature
touching nimble limbs, a limber accentuating delicate grace.

Sunlight streams iridescent on her lissome stance
symmetrically lithe and supple, flaunting delicate grace.

Rhythmic movements pattern fawn colored sand creations
nudging grass beneath, with a soothing delicate grace.

The boundless energy of this dainty, flighty antelope
as she ambulates gracefully, epitomizing, delicate grace.

Elusive, mysterious, uninhibited, she basks in nature’s fold
within a cosmos, spangled with, pleasing, delicate grace.

Her vulnerability fills me with foreboding and much fear
of bloodthirsty predators, massacring delicate grace.

62 thoughts on “Danseuse

  1. I was not sure where your graceful poem was headed and I loved that! An element of surprise contained in your lines. You describe dancing antelopes so beautifully and perfectly. I used to love to watch them when I lived in Northern AZ. Their movements do seem choreographed, especially when they are moving in a herd. Creative and fitting title. πŸ¦ŒπŸ’“

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    1. I like to play with my verse, my mind takes me places and I like to take my readers through their perceptions in the most imaginative , insightful path.
      I love the way you understand my words, Lee. It’s like the most delightful thing reading your thoughts ., it’s mind delicious..,
      Northern AZ?
      The movement of the gazelle is pure poetry and only a poet can write about it ..
      thank you πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’œ

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      1. It is a delightful adventure traveling the paths that your mind creates, and there are always many splendid, unexpected, and beautiful things to gaze upon. πŸ₯° Mind delights I don’t mind.
        Sorry… Northern Arizona is considered the high country north of Phoenix, Arizona. Up in the mountains. I used to stop my car and watch antelope run and leap and graze. Beautiful animals. I hated to see the graceful creatures spooked.
        Thank you. 😊 πŸ’–

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      2. It truly is a delightful adventure and it becomes more so when with your beautiful quill , you carve words out of the imagination of your creative soul, to share with us, it becomes a journey to relish , to remember.
        You are lucky you got to feast your eyes on this abundance of nature.
        Thank you for letting us into your beautiful world , Lee.
        You are truly my exotic soul sister. Bless you with so much ❀️

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      3. Travel, we do, through the pathways and highways that pulsate and vibrate with each heartbeat. A journey that begins through the mind’s eye. Not concerned with a destination – exploring and discovering are the ultimate treats for poet’s, like you and I. πŸ’•

        Yes, any time in nature is a treat and there are always surprises and abundance to be found.
        My world is richer for your presence. πŸ₯°

        Oooooh la la, love it, my exotic soul sister! I will bask in those blessings, let them soak up some sunshine, then send them back to you for your heart’s delight. 😘

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      4. I don’t know how many times I read this comment of yours. Made me so happy. It is like a chapter from a poetry book. Your thoughts are beautifully poetic .. it gives me immense happiness to be reading this. Made my weekend bearable. Thank you , Lee.. be well , my kindest sweetest sweetheart of a soul sister.
        I am soaking up some Michele sunshine β˜€οΈ sparkling my heart, warming my veins. My spirit is comforted. πŸ§‘β£οΈπŸ’–

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      5. I do love our poetic exchanges. πŸ’•
        I was logging off last night and saw your comment. I could not possibly end my day without responding to your inviting thread. A treat that made me smile before I ushered in sleep. 😴 Enjoy the shared sunshine, from the sky and from my love-filled lines. πŸ₯°

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      6. Thank you, Lee. Thank you for making me smile , thank you for filling up this community of bloggers with your kindness and happiness. It’s rubbing off on me.
        I bid you adieu dear one. Till the next post maybe πŸ€”πŸ€—
        I felt your pat on my back btw πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€—

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  2. Lovely all the way through, of course–my fave pick: “carving delicate grace”–for some reason this really moved me…I guess the notion that “delicate grace” can be ‘carved’–obviously with a careful, gentle knife or tool.

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  3. at your feet / this boy is tonight / i have to ask again / will you be my wife?

    please marry me, because you were the first to comment on my work.

    and yes, i love you too…


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