Along Came A Spider

Along came a spider
An eight legged rider.

In her web, I espied a fly
Other insects came to say goodbye.

The spider's sting operation
Causing pain sensation.

Spidey's silken seduction
Makes no cause for affection.

An intrepid with her labyrinth
Her stealth is her fingerprint.

She never trips in her net
Her web is her bayonet.

She walks and stalks a silky trail
Rigging a web to catch the frail.

Spiders are seen and never heard
They wield a most unlikely sword.

63 thoughts on “Along Came A Spider

  1. Hello yassy, you keep popping up on the likes on my blog and I finally have time to follow your name back to see who you are! Love this and definitely following so I can keep an eye on what proper writers are like! πŸ˜‰

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  2. You have weaved your words as delicately as any gifted spider. Leaving a web of thought impossible to avoid or escape. And, there we sit, waiting to be wrapped up in more of your words. Well written, dear friend! πŸ•·

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  3. Spiders creep me out BUT if I can watch one from what I consider a safe distance I will watch. It is amazing to see them making their webs. They look so delicate but you can tell by the other insects they capture that they are not delicate at all. And to see a spider wrap up its “meal” is another mesmerizing thing. I always feel sorry for the poor prey but then remember, it is food. It’s not like the spider is doing it for meaness πŸ™‚

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      Didn’t you know that we were made for each other,
      That we wouldn’t be complete without each other,
      No two people were as compatible as we,
      Our chemistry was so great that my day just didn’t feel right without you,
      But instead of looking no further and accept what’s truly yours,
      You chose to bond with one who did not love you like I do,
      With one who never understood your wants and needs,
      He took you for granted and made your love feel hopeless,
      You complained,I listened,
      You cried,I wiped your tears,
      But you still didn’t see that I was the one for you,
      The only one who can love you the way you want to be loved,
      And you looked elsewhere for the love only I can provide,
      How long will you give your heart out to be played with?
      How long will you give it out to be stamped on?
      What you need is an undying love which will keep you fulfilled at all times,
      And I’m right here,
      Where we all began,
      To provide that love for you,
      Cos we are soulmates,
      With our destinies intertwined forever.

      Kindly give your thoughts on this

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