Magnolia Reveries

Alphabets become jeweled figurines
Like studded stars drip-dropping
Sparkling confetti on a magnolia vignette...
I sit in quiet solitude breathing in the solace of sepia memories...crocheting a borealis in my solstice day
Syllables of Monet hues flame
A potpourri of poesies
Galaxy's champagne
Serenades my rosette fire
Kaleidoscopic eloquence
Needling a mantle of chrome waltzes
A phonographic euphoria
Etching a musky interlude
Of shared tears
Radiating scarlet of an Amaryllis quill...

49 thoughts on “Magnolia Reveries

      1. The sea always has a calming effect unless of course Selene decides she wants to play tides tides but the ocean and the sea are deeply beautiful and mysterious. Are you goin , V?

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      2. Yes, I adore it, it’s so healing.
        I hope so…tomorrow we are visiting my parents and some friends, and they are not too far from the coast. 🤞 I hope we will find the time

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