Moonbeams dance

moonbeams dance on my pillow
this unknown summer night
venus blooms like cereus
in an ebony sky
a hushed wind carries 
My dreams to you
I pick up my pen...


118 thoughts on “Moonbeams dance

      1. The concept of an ‘unknown summer night’ has a magic feel. Love it, it’s special, Lady Yasmin. If you asked me why is it special? I’d answer, ‘I don’t know’ – it just is.

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      1. Oh this I know. I’ve recently started a Vlog about my mental health, which I’ve battled with for many years. It’s on my page, I’d love your feedback if you have time! Sharing most definitely helps.

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      2. Thank you πŸ™‚ Namaste. I will be a follower of yours from now on you can be sure of that. I am quite new to blogging off my own back. Maybe you can give me some pointers as we interact. I would greatly appreciate that!

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  1. This sounds so placid Yassy, I love it…….I bet your voice is a natural lullabye. I love the wind carries my dreams to you, that’s serine. And then you pick up your pen……
    I love your cliff hangers, so lovely. This poem was gorgeous, you are talent at it’s purest.

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      1. Now and again I like the challenge of some opposing chemistry yassy, it can provide material for poetry. Although I wouldn’t want to have it other than in a conversation.

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  2. ner ever put you pen down
    amazing poetry;… your heart
    it guides your pen
    hark I hear a breeze whisper
    a dream for you it said
    I thanked it most kindly
    now i am off to bed…

    no not really
    like yours my pen still begs
    to scribe words poetic
    from depths within my heart
    again precious lady
    your genius you have explored
    your poetic prowess by me
    and many more ADORED


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      1. beautifully reciprocated, i thank thee very much
        telepathy i am trying, but I think I’ve lost my touch
        but i really do love writing a thanks to you so much
        I’d write again a thank you, but eh, enough is enough
        I’m having fun I’m laughing i’m seventy three today
        me a birthday boy, o boy i’m really that old YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AY πŸ™‚

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