I Am A Dreamer

I am a dreamer-
Floating in the celestial
Between your world and mine:
Only to return to poetry

We meet on the notes of a violin
In the sepia of memory
Where the ink washes out my tears;

In the fragility
Of my breath
Your fragrant laughter rakes my navel
Fleeting in the drifting daylight

Catching my eye, a golden shimmering rhythm spinning with a dream

We create syllables
In the hues of blossoms
Trace of the nib
On virgin white
The color of my verse
In the rush of our touch .

Sunset At Sea

Flaming amber
Immersed in his reflection-
The sun.
A flickering skyline
Filled with charcoal clouds blooming with aurum scents:
A world of gold
In every drop of sea
Sun rays drip
Copper shadows
Into the dying light:

Sea sunset~
The night starts
In a blaze.

captive of time

like a haunting melody
an unsung canticle
aching to be heard
begging..a release from anguish
I kneel
in the emptiness of a barren silence
a captive of time
I cradle my hopes 
in the changing hues of eternity.
I lie down burned...
under sycamore skies
I give time a rebirth
my heart bewildered  
by time's inconsistency
       I kneel
and beg for time...

My Two Cents

God given
Man driven.

Temporary dwelling of man
His residence in this life span.

Being laid back in earth 
In a box to fit one's girth.

Where angels reside
And God presides.

Irrational sentiment 
For progress an impediment.

Goes as deep as the skin
Chasing it is a sin.

For what it's worth
Knowledge it brings forth. 

Information creation 
From planetary station.

Where poets express
Their Vignettes impress
With finesse immense.

My Anima

A verse released in
Poetry's warm pages
Sweet heat of love's touch
Like Lilacs on my quill
Periwinkle poise of tender words
Heartbeating like wildfires
Warmly woven breaths spin
As fingertips caress the fire
Nestling in between
Erupting sensations ...

Language invites hearts
Beyond the distance
Beyond the aether

My anima;
Meeting you
In a poem
Yet to be written 


The universe takes me on an odyssey in eternity's orbit of a lifetime's prediction.

I turn my winter into spring, winging into a rainbow dream, touch push the dark into a golden beam.

To hold this moment
In a poem...

The cosmos wraps me like a bouquet in a turquoise fever where I inhale the ink of a quill spinning across my senses.

I search the lines of the aether, touching, embracing an exotic galaxy of torched stars.

I illuminate my page feeling the sensations of starlight, a paradise binding my inquisitive soul.

I find my home in the silken ink around my fingers spelling my survival. ..

In this strategy called life. .
I think of metaphors...

Dancing With Blooms – Anacreontic Verse

Two souls dance
In twilight rain
Their heartbeats' divine 
A sweet refrain
Cradling stars
While the mist bathed
Their spirits
Adorned with blooms,
A fired breeze
Robed their skin
Soft elixir
Across glade
To serenade
A flamed tango
Gliding under 
Gloaming hues
Song of the blooms
A medley swayed
Handmade brew
Honeyed harvest
Nectar splendor
To the dancing souls 
Bonne-bouche woven
Fragrant feast
A rhapsody


The dotted page
Hush of your dewdrop eyes
The stirring in your fingertips
Giving shape to my thoughts
Your eyes
Wrap 'round
Woven hues
To lush a page
Eyes aglow
The ardent need to read
A heart to bare
Glossed by emotions
Eyes streaked
Turquoise tasselled
Breath sparkling like the 
Ocean when the moon hits
It at night 

Your eyes
A vignette 
Blazing, sparking
The dotted page.