Shit happens…..mostly and nothing is gonna change

Politics is the power game
With its signature:  racism and discrimination
Bigotry among the gentry
Democracy's feudalistic abomination
There will be rape
And all the bloody red tape
There will be laws 
With all its flaws
Justice is blindfolded and blind  ; is that there is no justice alive...blind, deaf, dumb...a voice in the void 
Like a cock and a  bull writing a cock and bull story where the cock chickens out and the bull is gored by a matador who hit him in the bull's eye..
Hunter on a wild goose chase,
Chase ends within ten shakes of a duck's tale..whilst the goose is having a wink which turns into forty winks
Like Alice wandering into a rabbit hole looking for carrots..
That nothing is foolproof but everything is
There will always be my god said this, god said it..that is said and people become schmucks..between your god and my god shit happens
And so wars could never be over 
Wars make big money
Viruses make bigger..

#slam #beat

Knock It Off, Alien.

An alien came knocking on earth's door. Or so she thought. Mother Earth thought not to open...Earth was closed to strangers now. Not only strangers but strange and foreign things only withstanding Kubrick's Doctor Strangelove.There had been enough contamination and pollution of all natural resourses. Purity was depleted on all levels. And earth definitely could not take another beating.
Earth needed a breather......
The knocking continued. Mother Earth decided to open the door. But her sense of foreboding forbade her from doing so and she decided to see who it was who had come calling. She never liked turning anyone away but times were so bad now, she'd rather see her visitor before letting them in. She put her eye to the peephole in earth's door, she could see no one..she started to  turn away when there was another knock. She took a peek again, still no sight of anything or anyone, just miles and miles of space...

And then she saw a spark that faded gradually, it was a shooting star......catching her breath quickly, she made a wish...she made a wish for her earthlings...that the planet would become clean and green again. She wished for peace and prosperity ...for all posterity.
Hoping that we as a human race would last that long...

April night--
Somewhere in the darkness
A shooting star falls;
Cereus blooms become 
Syllables in the night's silence:
The sepia of free falling metaphors..
The horizon becomes my Milky Way...

I finally feel like the poet in poetry....