If I Had Some Money

If I had some money 
I’d buy me a donkey
I would laugh my ass off
Watching him do my laundry.

If I had some money
I would buy myself a plane
I would fly it into the eye of a storm
I would fly it right into a hurricane.

If I had some money
I would buy myself a Porsche cayenne
Driving this babe would be so much fun
I would fly the wind like a bullet from a gun.

But the fact of the matter is
I ain’t got no single dime
The ‘ifs’ give me a reason to dream
They also give me a reason to smile.


all verses lead back to me 
inside me
moving through
my body
writing into my soul
letting my heart bloom
taking me
making me
igniting me
into another verse ..

Chicken Trouble

There lived a man in Timbuktu 
who made himself some chicken stew.

the hardly alive chicken broke out from the cooking pot
clucking , she flew at him steaming hot

she was a cocky chick, she flew the coop
the poor man’s dinner plans she blew

he lost his appetite and his stew
he only had coffee left to brew.