The Asshole Syndrome

Certified assholes don’t let down their guard

racists, bigots, politicians die hard

Atleast not in wars they perpetrate

Putty in their hands civilians fate

perverts, rapists to name a few

Climate change deniers are nothing new

Greta will tell you all about them

That’s why protestors like to raise hell

May their dying conscience ring an awareness bell

The twisted degenerate

The tight fisted renegade

The high mighty arrogant

The Belligerent

Deliberate ignorant

The holier than thou judgmental

The self absorbed temperamental


Psychic tormentor

Gossip mongers

Character assassinators

The arbitrator

Big headed Narcissist

Ego toting Egotist

Not to forget the plagiarist

Emotional Manipulator

Attention seeker



Two legged sloths

Prickly human moths .

Earth ‘s Asshole culture

A festering ulcer .

The Moon Makes Silver

I open my window letting in the moonlight 
I see an owl on a moonbeam flight

The moon makes silver on my pillow
Runes scatter on the weeping willow

My window dusted with dreams open
Night blooms hold my words, unspoken

Calligraphy of the cosmos in the skies
Changes the color in my eyes

Only the November wind between me and the sky
And all the nature I can descry.

Beard Nest

There once lived a man with a long beard 
In his whiskers, his pet birds he reared
One fine day, his balbo gave way
Birdies lost their nest, flew into a fray
Smeared him with droppings
Pecked the hair off his head
Sheared off his shaggy eyebrows
To the jungle he had to repair.

Free My Words

let my
Quill move
Under your hands
Charged and electrified moving through words
My mind writes into my burned out fingers
Carving the page
Freeing it
From being
Of spring's blossoms
Embrace the cadence of stardust's glow where
Solitary syllables come undone
Heart releases
Thunder of 
Up a 
Chair and sit
Next to my soul
Let me show you how poetry has touched
Shaped me and made me who I am
Come, fill my quill
Spill some ink
Free my 



Chartreuse Dreams

I set off on one of my autumn dreams 
Under sunlight’s pale golden beams
Meandering tawny meadows
Looking for gilded harvest rainbows
I muse into gurgling brooks, streams

Trees prepare to bare their soul
Cascading russet, copper leaves fold
To lay down a carpet of gold
Nip in the air warmness stole
Braes hibernate as I stroll

I breathe a palette of earthy hues
Air crackles in the ruddiness that brews.

Happiness reigns supreme
In the footfalls of my chartreuse dream.

Sole Talk

His sneakers would squeal on him if they could talk
Groaning under his weight as he took a walk
They felt all worn out
Carrying a man so stout
He went places where he shouldn’t have been
Them shoes, literally let out a scream
So they gave him shoe bites, sore toes
Adding to his list of woes
They stuck evidence on his sole
He fought barefoot to salvage his soul.