Solitude’s Bloodroots

Poetry becomes my wisdom
Subduing the melancholy
I bleed like a warrior
Make touch red to blue.

I catch a Freesia breeze
Holding fragrant peacock quill
To write my soul's graffiti
A carmine inked dream....

And then I find " a face in poetry "
In the amaranthine pause of my  breath.

# Dodoitsu


Carousing Hummingbirds
Sky parades a flutter of wings

Peeping through 
Hued foliage

Butterflies, bees comb the blossoms
A lilting sapphirine playground

Feathers twirl
Amethyst rush

Aurai play violins
Waft like fiddler's notes on the breze

Brush the senses

Awakening the muse
Reminding me of nature's beauty

Time's, fate's realm.

The above poetic form here has been introduced to me by Avia Tinder of The Friday Sparrow.
Thank you, Avia.

#Tau Ku 
#Pi ku  

Day In My Eyes

Sweet and chaste
White mist of dawn
Tinseled dew glaze 
Blades of grass..
The day comes undone
A pastel embraced rush
Beguiling farewell to
The silence of sleep.
Midnight stars lull
To the sun-struck lilts of birds
Chrysanthemum clouds offer the moon 
A ride home..
On lyrical wings, gossamer.
A floral wind takes shape
In the green of leaves
Air fills with breath of flowers

I breathe into my dreams
Feeling the unfolding of my soul
I see your face draped by smiles

Your smile warmer than the morning sun.

When Death Sings A Lullaby

Death  comes upon them
Finite, infinite, definite
Pain and loss huddle into 
A grieving mass of broken hope.

Wondering what they did wrong..
When bombs drown their cries
The blood wipes away their tears
To be alive is to be broken
To be alive is to be wounded
That when they come from the sky
They come from the ground
They hit where it hurts the most
Taking away what you love the most

While the bigwigs sit and talk away at big tables
Drinking from the cup of blood

The universe is frightened
And the stars wonder
Why has man turned from human to beast?

A Glowing Holorime

Glow-worms glimmer as breaths succumb to night's ebon refrain
Lyres of your telepathic wavelengths forever remain.

Holorime/Holorhyme is a form of rhyme where two very similar sequence of sounds can form phrases composed of slightly or completely different words and with different meanings.