dreamily astonished

I bask in the virginal silence of the woods, a silence broken
by soft voices of angel-throated birds.A freeborn wind is soothed
by warblings of birds on its breast. This is the nearest in heaven to me, 
this singing life of woods, hills and mountains.

blossoms scents enthrall
a bouquet of aurora
fathomless glory

I walk along the trail of leaves, the slender pathway strewn with leaves
and blades of grass covered with dew. Golden spears of sunlight touch 
mellifluous sounds under orange boughs.

birds flamenco
the wind pirouettes on arms of
dancing fragrances

I empty my overburdened heart into the pages of my book, dipping
my pen into my own blood,ridding my heart of restless contemplations.

a brimming chalice
wells up like a crimson tide:
my quill fills....

A haibun.


as sun journey's west
delicious little sunbeams
lose themselves in twilight haze
shadows drowse in rising gloam
solitary bird flies home

a yellow moon burns
sky unravels coasting stars
silver moonbeams wrap my hair
fireflies flame my gaze
I cradle my solitude
drawing peace from the unknown.





my dreams with words
that come undone
like a broken sigh
firing my soul
a prayer
I reach  for the stars
to follow dreams








Night's dream dew-laced in dawn's light
In the luminescence of a tear's essence.
Stars' crystal lustre pales afore sun's might
I suŕrender to the tenderness of their iridescence
To decode interlude of perceptions to make sense.

I lay bare my soul in the palette of dyes
As starlight fades in the anthem of birds
I quiet the tears that rise in my eyes
To paint pages with words that can be heard
Lines rise in rhythm with the world, savored.

#quintain (english)





spill some ink

play the
that is my heart.
across the universe, i sing my song
with devotion of heaven's untold worth.
I walk through storms,
Under clouds
that pour
drenched in
transparent hues.
you hold my thoughts in warmth of your embrace
pull up a chair and sit next to my soul
play in my dreams
spill some ink
on my 


stardust soothes my brow

stardust soothes my brow
in moon's iridescent glow.

calls of the night are short and brief
a zephyr dances with a leaf.

i inhale scents of wilted blossoms
igniting tempest of bruised emotions.

the liquid darkness enconsces me
my breath holds temptations plea.

i trace love's rhapsody on my lips
this magic phenomenon my heart skips.

the blue of your lapis lazuli eyes spill
jeweled moondew sparkles with thrill.

drenched in moonglow, i rendezvous
nocturnal prance of quill's bleu.

#rhyming couplets