My Swan-song

Gold sun rising 
Echo of warmth
On the wings of birds
Drawing the deepest breaths
Fragrant harmony plush
In the pulse of blooms

I see the sunflowers turn to the ultramarine
Creaming the air
A coagulation of hues
As flowers burn hot on the horizon
Whisper of petals reveal the rapture of forgotten fantasies
Rolling into the heartbeat of time

Rain forged clouds stir the ether
Smelling like sanctity
The mystics of sensitive wisdom

I fall in love with the universe again

Its like seeing the inside of a raindrop

My swan song is a whimsy wanderlust

Blue ~ my ink
I daydream into my page.

It’s real cool

It gets real cool
When the sky carves a song
And the clouds rain swan-songs
Into a crystal zephyr
Awakening the light
In a shadowless air
Spilling out into the valley
A mouth of liquid silver blossoms of aqua vowels
Tunefully tapping
Pitter patter
Wind-spun drops
Translucent water runes
In a whisper of mist

Thunder loud
Lightning bright
Under my skin
The rain breathes
Swinging over my hips
Drenching into me.