I Fall

I fall
Into autumn~
The silence wakes me.
A Barred Owl call
Lengthens the night--
I chase a Dragonfly.
Moonlight on milkweed -
I walk through 
The circle of stars.
In October's chill
Shadows evaporate
On dog-eared pages.
I hear the wind howling
On it's way
To the sea.
I fill my 
With moonlight
And dream of 
Shooting stars.


Stockinged diphthongs
Speculate on
Crimson scarlet 
Quilled daggers
That write
Mini bites
Of abstract intuition
Tried and tested
Rhymes that run on reason
And ideas that foreplay
Like a melody that is
Stuck in the head
Gothic grind
Fancy-woven fantasies
Virtuoso's dictionnaire 
Vanishing like a whisper
Of forgotten fragrances.

# Beat # Slam

Snow Spring

Glossed by snow
A glazed tapestry
Satin white
Snowdrops fold
Match-lit skies spill season's gleam
Frosted whispers float,

Nudged into
A snowy mural
Lyrebirds call
Chilled dew hums
Sledging lustrous ivory
In snowscape's bouquet.

Pearl palette
Of a silken hush
Zephyr quiet
Chill of night
In an azure solstice, Robin
Whistles sweet refrain.


Tasseled Dark

Unwrapping darkness' chemise
Fireflies wing on a starlight dream
Pirouetting amber on night's breeze
Unwrapping darkness' chemise
Tiny constellations trapeze
Waking the fire, stirring the moon
Unwrapping darkness' chemise
where soft opalescent breaths croon.


International Coffee Day

In honour of the coffee
In any geography
Coffee gives my morning
A kickstart energy warming
This early morning mainstay
An adrenaline rush to play
My coffee mate through the day
Helping sleepy eyes to stay
Get a bad hair day straight
With a lot on plate to contemplate
Cheers to this beverage
When time is on leverage
Hip-hip hooray to the coffee
Helps me stay wide awake when groggy.


Moonbeams chime
A beautiful dream
Where my soul
Wanders free
On golden wings of fairies
Their wands of Lambent
Scattering opalescent
On the edge of night
As eyelids droop
Velveteen wild
Wildflowers in my eyes
Stardust glows
To ignite heart
Blazing bright
To embrace lavender graced
Of your starlit