you make the stars come out 

you make the 

stars come out …

I pluck them 

and wear them 

in my eyes 

79 thoughts on “you make the stars come out 

  1. Great to see the power of individuality. Hmm.. The idea of control.. I pluck them..and wear them.. The ‘created’ destiny.. In my eyes.. And you provide a subtle hint of I the metaphysical.. By using you.. So simple yet so complex.. Only you can deliver evoke such imagery.. But again this is what I think

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    1. It’s all in my head , Zeus. I just get them together.
      Lol, only it’s monsoon time here and the sky is liquid , no stars. You got this one right. You think right. Always.

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    2. Hmm.. I have said in the past Calliope and I will say it again, I only reveal the picture that you paint..Your ascendancy.. Is unparalleled..

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  2. This is the most beautiful thing I have read today and it’s certainly going to stay with me for long ! I can only thank you for sharing this lovely piece of poetry, Yassy. 😊

    Much love !

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