odyssey’s sweet mayhem

I bleed shyly 
into a chalice that 
holds my heartbeat:
sonnet of life that binds
the breathtaking balance
of reason,
I go through the tradition
of sweet mayhem;
the ardor of intuition, as
poems illuminate laws of love
embellishing eros
breathing in the exotic 
of inquisitive senses...

even as sorrow seduces me
in life's suspense
the abduction of peace
like a calumny..
searching for the 
impulsive power 
of a poet's passion
embracing candor

emotions confirm
sanctity of my sanity

in an ocean
named odyssey
I consume starlight
I touch aurum....

#vers libre

77 thoughts on “odyssey’s sweet mayhem

  1. The post at least for me give insights of how you initiate than articulate process of writing.
    The first, indicating the nervousness yet the draw towards the spiritual grace.. Than the process of moving in and out from this delightful disorder.. As the poem is written it finally lights up rules of affection, making it desirable while taking in and out of the ordinary with keen awareness and curiosity..
    The second, speaks the poets condition (you), let me keep this cryptic the search to accept enthusiastically and honestly will be completed
    The third bare the importance of those strong feelings confirming sacredness of your rationale.
    The fourth, express the feeling after penning down these expression, as the thoughts fill up the mind from the

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  2. Heaven, you become precious.. My favourite part is the Sonnet one as the Rhyming existence is explained by vers libre.. Was that deliberate?

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      1. Well, sorry I had to break into two comments. But I had to say it was worth it.. This was an arresting ingenuity of expression..

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  3. This by far is my most favourite of all the poems I’ve read of yours ! Such a great read, said so wonderfully! Brilliant work as always! X

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  4. I need to read this as many times as there are letters. I need to read this and pause to reflect during each space between the words. You bleed as well or better than most poets I know and your genuineness, and prowess, as a poet, is admirable. This is a great description of your processes: thought and writing. You may start out shyly but you are ferocious as a writer. This has such depth and beauty that I will be called to read it aloud, several times.

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    1. Best thing anyone said to me. I think if anyone is appreciated so beautifully, they will write with even more ardor. Thank you thank you 😊, Al Pacino. I bow to the Godfather of all poets.

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  5. I would have loved to watch you write this, Yasmin – to sit by you and see the word being added and subtracted – watching the mathematics of your process.
    But I know that I would not like it if I were watched. It would pull my mind and render the creative process impossible. I imagine you to be the same. How do you feel about people watching you write?
    Kindness – Robert.

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