Carrying blossoms scent
On wet arms
A moist current
 Bedewing floral brooks
Gurgling, gushing acqua
An ambrosial shower
Deliquescing, delighting senses
A redolent zephyr
Rubbing tree tops
Curling wrinkled leaves
Wafting through chimneys
Carrying savory odors
Tingling, reawakening yearnings
Drenching and enveloping
Charging the atmosphere
With sparkling, virgin crystals
Dewy and dancing gleefully
Carried by the breeze
Tumbling through shrubbery
Cascading through soil
As water swishes
A cooling mist rises
Enfolding the landscape
In a glistening mantle
Of gleaming greenery.

62 thoughts on “ambrosial

  1. Although you describe the tears of skies.. Although you describe the love in between, the motion of falling and being embraced.. Although you describe the joy of the land and the surroundings as it welcomes the rain.. You also describe silently that it is not cheering you up… Hmm.. An observation of outside with stillness inside.. You really spill your emotions.. At least that is what I feel.. I could be wrong..

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      1. Yes, but that is different from the scenery you created.. For a minute if I just read the lines Deliquescing–odors.. It creates a vivid imagery of personal moments if the last part is removed than it’s bare for the world of what you are feeling.. I don’t want to say.. But let me ask indirectly, why the silent grizzle?

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  2. This is beautiful description filled with wonderful alliteration and assonance. Oh, how the senses spring to life while reading this. It’s like coming of age all over again. Romantic, sensual and delectable writing, dear poet. I believe this to be one of my all time favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. My name is Rena. Haha. My wordpress isn’t attached to my actual name I guess. I am a poet, and I recently started a blog. I’m really new to the bloggin scene. I’ve found other poetry on here that I like, but yours is the first blog I’ve found so far that seeems to enrapture me in every post. You take me to the zone. It’s beautiful, hungry, deep. I resonate.

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