history scatters its seed
Into coming generations 
A bickering people
In bloodied lands
Splitting forth
injustice of aggresors
Annihilation of humaneness
The folly of greed
Leering at innocence
An adulterated energy
Unbound by shame

who will take to task?
who will you take to task?

Under a violent sky
People drown in
The devil is the auditor
He oozes green
The world hears 
his anthem

Peace is a lost cause?

71 thoughts on “unblushing

  1. Who is manipulating the history? (Did someone accused anyone because of their name or history?)They don’t know history. Must be propaganda.. Don’t worry? No matter how much they cover it.. A simple breeze will clean the dust..

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      1. I don’t understand. The post is personal.Did someone said something annoying to you? And you can manipulate history. China and India does it. So does America. Have you read Orientalism by Edward Said.

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      2. Sweetie, it’s not personal. And no one says anything annoying to me,
        I don’t care about politics but because it affects us in so many ways, I feel the need to vent.
        Nah, haven’t read the said book. What does it say. You could enlighten me, if you feel up to it.

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      3. Personal as an observer..(that’s why I add Did) Well I don’t completely agree with what Mr. Said says but he did say something useful as how the Colonist made it a point to see the merits of Colonialism. Basically in short he said that history should governed and written by natives alone. (I don’t agree with him on that part.) But he was right in pointing out that history will be presented with selected facts to fulfill the obligation of subjective interpretation. Japan still doesn’t accept its crime of Comfort girls. China on Tibet and Mao stupidity remains silent. And India is leaning to a right wing distortion of history. All the while Americans are unaware that their country installed more dictators and was founder of the term ‘banana republic’. Let us not even dwell in Africa.. Stupid auditors listening to propagandist media..

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  2. Sigh! Such is the state of our world. Greed has always been the catalyst for human demise and it never changes. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, despite the attempts of modern day Robin Hoods to change the gap between the two. Unfortunately, as long as there are resources to plunder and profits to gain, the devil will always sing his anthem and the poor angels of this world will have their wings clipped and halos broken. However, it is the lone voices in the wilderness, voices like yours and other poets and writers who continue to sing humanity’s melodies who give hope to those who can still hear. And, when the world crumbles beneath the weight of consumption (either by humankind’s own actions or the universe’s contraction, whichever comes first) your soul will know that it saw history’s harvest arriving, warned the villagers and did its best to be that voice of truth and hope. Beautiful writing!

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      1. This may all be true but if our words touch one person; and if our cries penetrate one deaf ear, then is it not worth it? In order for there to be great change there must first be a small change. That small change starts with the individual. Today, buy a coffee for a stranger, make an anonymous donation to a shelter, visit the sick, or simply offer kind words to someone in need of them and see how a small gesture creates a big change. That is all any of us can do.

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  3. Powerful poetry yassy and a great poetic commentary on what is happening in the world today.
    “The Devil is the auditor
    He oozes green.”
    Those lines are classic.

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  4. It is unfortunate Yassy that there is no financial gains to be accrued by a world at peace or so it would appear or those “leaders” who thrive on war would quickly close the door on terrorism?

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  5. Wow this is very powerful indeed both in the way you’ve written it and it’s message ๐Ÿ‘Œ absolutely brilliant ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hope is all we have! Let’s sit tight on hope and see people destroying each other.
      Let’s cross our fingers and hope while leaders plot war. It’s a hopeless scenario.
      Thank you , Charlie. I know how you feel about these times !

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      1. Hope is difficult to progress and use as a spiritual guide of what is happening. Our leaders sending us to war and die in the name of patriotism? I know the feeling of hate within our political system. Your right, all we can do it hope but in some form of way.

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  6. so powerful, all sadly true
    as you know, my sentiment too
    but it seems life goes on
    no matter what, the suffering
    the pain, empathy not enough
    history, as we look back
    it looks back at us and smiles
    knowingly that we have learnt
    not one iota, for all the devils
    disciples that have been slain
    they reincarnate to carry on
    deeds so evil, all that’s wrong.
    sadly we know them by name.
    not fair to you to mention here.
    you, me, all those who care
    use the written word in hope
    that love for peace will oust
    all the evil, making peace a tad
    more conceivable, we pray,

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