suspended lines

suspended in infinity,love
in the ether of the cosmos
like a thorn that bleeds the rose
a love that bleeds the heart
the rose wilts and dies
love never dies
it endures


61 thoughts on “suspended lines

      1. absolutely. in this world of patriarchal misogyny and abuse. we have come so far as a technological civilisation, BUT have so much more to do. It’s repulsive and inexcusable and has to be challenged wherever it manifests itself – which is sadly everywhere.

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      2. here’s something I wrote for Womens Day

        Womenโ€™s Day โ€“ Today we Rise
        โ€‹Today we rise.

        No more hiding in the shadows,

        of culture,



        No more silent complicity,

        defensive arguments,

        sickening pretences,

        shabby excuses,

        for the actions of men,

        brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene and murderous and abusive men.

        Today, we rise,

        as one.

        Today the change starts,

        with me,

        within me.

        with you.

        within you.

        Today we rise.

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      3. Awesome lines, Afzal. So much hope. You are one of a kind. Wish there were more like you. Your poetry is beautiful, echoes your pure heart. Thank you for this. I have always admired your work.


      4. You are welcome, Afzal. I speak my heart and my heart says the truth. That is all. You stay safe. Have a nice week , what’s left of it.


  1. Hmm.. So it’s pleasurable.. And it occupies your thought.. And it will remain in existence.. It will continue to exist.. Writing a poetry.. A pleasure that escapes from the essence.. (thorn that bleeds the rose).. A wonderful imagery.. Crafted cryptically.. At least this is what I think.. I could be wrong..

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      1. I know.. But you’re not the kind to just write just for the sake of it.. And challenges are good..hmm..Interesting.. Your subconscious reveals another part of you..

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  2. Love sustains life, even after death; it is perpetual and infinite, just like space. This is gorgeous writing, my Yassormidable poetic friend. The nonet is a brilliant form here as it’s diminishing syllables greatly juxtapose the infinity of love. This is swoon-worthy poetry!!!

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      1. Oh my goodness, you are so humble. Another wonderful quality added to your many wonderful qualities. Yes, any one can write it but not everyone can write it like you ๐Ÿ™‚ You have to know this ๐Ÿ™‚ Your writing is exceptional. It stirs emotion, beauty, thought, too many to list.

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      2. You are a very generous person with a wonderful heart , it’s made of pure gold , that is why you think good about me and everyone around you. You are a blessing. You say sweet things and it helps me and inspires me. Hope we meet in this life of ours.

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