Rag Doll

A collaboration with the amazingly talented Diana @mahbuttitches17.wordpress.com


Thank you for doing this with me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Well, I'll be damned
With a swift kick in the soul
God created woman
In the rib of Adam, Eve was planned
Pieces not fitting, God left a hole
An obedient toy to woo man.

Eve's taste for apples, blamed for the fall
Poor Adam, a victim to her insidious plot
Woman, now a synonym for original sin.

She's in a no win win situation
A catch 22 persuasion
For a sin,no known demarcation
Are we all set for damnation?

As Sodom and Gomorrah, poor Lot
His wife showed her salt, a sinner imbued
Too stupid to listen when instructed to.

God made woman
He forgot they were human too
The devil still asking his due
The sword of Damocles hanging ovr her head
She has satan himself in her bed.

But these rag dolls have more than meets the eye
As men falter to meet the crease in her thigh
Blame cast for the rights made wrong.

There are two kinds of hell
Two lands to dwell
The human hell
Living inside eggshells
The human dead hell
Dying inside a prison of fleshy cells
From frying pan to fire, we dwell.

I hear the devil laughing.

Though God made woman servant of man
A snake brought a change to the plan
Its venom runs in our veins
Evil creeps untamed
Burning sights, burning hearts
Desperate search for that one peace.

For a Madonna, a Mary, or a commonplace whore
The fall of man was just another chore
These dolls are not just toys
They are darkness and light
The power of her flower, are the wrongs made right...

The devil still has the last laugh.


112 thoughts on “Rag Doll

  1. Delightful. Another theory: Lilith just too malleable for both her main squeeze and his previous creation so Eve had to take the rescue job, and Light Knows: it’s dark at the bottom of his new pit and he just doesn’t want those sad bastards with peters to get away with not doing the dishes. More?

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      1. youNdiana are ThreeMuch, m’lady. I’ve been dodging thunderboomerstorms and having a ball with this young female anole that decided my bare toesies and anklesies are wondermus places to fish for flies and lets me change placement and elevations and just a few days ago it began getting further and further up my hairy ol’e laig and ticklin to beat the band. Then this big ol’e crab-apple throat-flapping male jumps aboard and chases ‘Skeeter Eater off its perch for a day or two. I worte some halfhaiku and went agogishly amok over the PolyTicks and probably pissed upon some several sacred crows and must mention two were wearing cowsuits holding bird-bells and beheading cymbals the while. Unmuch cookery going on: but I am due to come off a gopherus polyphemus project later next week and I have been stuffing newly sprung sweet potato vines into 55-gallon empty combost bins (old but cleaned trash cans) and lining them with new compost, so I may well have to pull some leaves for a Sweet’Tater Vine steam or a salad or both…sweet potato leaves with candied and spicy pecans with radishes, celery and whatever else looks interresting…maybe some blue crab lump meat or shrimp. I have been throwing out much writing – and more unmade to the press due to time unstraints figured by mad cons so I have not had time to sort through your wondermus offerings, Yassy, and when I encountered your and mabuttitches I just haddaread and whatareadIhad! I juined to DianaParade just soon’s as my typerfingers finished and I clincked her page…donchasjustlurff that icon…anyone who can scratchass like that is a lass whose words I must consume in great quaffs. You: I want to mainline.

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      2. My dear Bruce , how good to hear you talk. I am just sitting with ma mouth agape hearing those masterful words jumping out richly wrapped in sensiblities.

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      3. Flattererest! Flies fall down at your words’ approach and bow beggingly humbly to waft in the warming updrafts of thy magic. I just follow along with my pushcart trashcan on two wheels and my long-bottomed broom to sweep up the sometimes leftover conjunctive, stray adjectives and toothsome metaphors (and -fives) and, oh, wow, those propositions! I banquet at whatever words you – and thank you for the introduction to ItchyButt – and Diana choose to scatter to us mere plebes.

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      4. Will have to go soonerishly: Tell Diana I will push down half a billion illiteratii just to get a read on whatever work she puts forth so I do not have to stub my flex-folloowing-finger to read: was told once I was being considered for U. S. Marine Corps officer candidate school because some wigOfbig saw me reading without moving my lips or keeping place with any fingers involved.

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      5. Notme! My older brother the genius. He escaped to find a wonderful owner who presented him with a darling diva opera soprano PhD who dotes on her dad. Younger brother says HE’s The Genius. I will settle for Species, unless Class or Order needs some fillers. Read a new writer and reblogged and threw up on FB about a girl who promised God she’d cut off both her legs and never touch a drop of alcohol IF only he would let her die somewhere other than a holler up in Lincoln County, West (By God!) Virginia. For anyone – especially a 20-year-old college kid – to write so honestly is worth a couple of minutes – and then another read. (And, yes, Diana found a genius awsome young lady with whom to collaborate, you genius, you!

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      1. I hate to lie, if I can’t tell the truth , then I keep my mouth shut but rather not lie. I think I some way you Maggie inspire goodness in people you vibe with.

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  2. why worry over what gender we are? it’s not like we get to chose. why not make the best of whatever. do we really like people our gender? all this sexual tension accomplishes nothing worthwhile.

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    1. Yes, if I got to choose, I would choose not to be born at all. This world is not a pretty place .there is too much racism and sexism everywhere but let’s not talk about that. Whatever is it going to accomplish? You are right. It’s a raw nerve. Have a nice weekend, Eby.


      1. being born is more of an opportunity. that does not mean it will be easy. it is being a part of all. with a small role in the show. we get to decide moment to moment, what we do with our time here. within the confines of our human limitations, and within respect to those around us.

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      2. People have more control over you , so one is actually confined and I agree with you on that ‘within respect to those around us’


  3. people want to have control over others. that has always been the world’s history. because people who want to have control, forget that they have to die too, so are really never in actual control. they made the wrong kind of choices, about how they spent their time here.

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  4. I think you have open something. And the muzzling will begin. I am not proud to be a man..the line there are two kinds of hell.. I’ve witnessed them… Remember for majority(not me included) man, like God is an executioner, and women are (if expressions are different).. Perpetrators.. Wonder if devil is the eye witness.. On a funny side why your pal butt is itching..

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      1. I already have..but take care. Remember you can always kick in nuts.. After all that’s where the thinking is..for men I mean..

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  5. Ah, this is superb collaboration and I love the topic. Women have been long oppressed because of religious dogma and even within democracies (I use the term loosely) they are not always treated as equals. I am with you both on this one! Great wiring!

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    1. Thank you very much. I always was frustrated being raised Catholic and could not understand why I couldn’t be a priest, etc. carl Jung had said the Christian churches have caused great confusion with the way they present the divine feminine.

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  6. Fascinating…I really like the way you express this embedded or interpreted inequality and oppression. I use the term interpretation not because I don’t believe it exists. I use it because Even today people choose to read such texts and use it to express inequality and sexism through their own biases and opinions, so it serves the perfect evidence according to their own blindness, including perhaps the authors of the text itself.

    The perfect paradigm. God loves all but women are held in less esteem than men. It’s hard for humanity to let go of such attachments and accept the love without the conditions

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  7. It’s hard for humanity to let go of such attachments and accept the love without the conditions Yes, I think we have this enormous amount of understanding and goodwill between us, she is an awesome amazing woman , this Diana.

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